Universal Reading 11 November through 17 November 2019 Believe in You, Others Do

Please bring a prayer and invite the Holy Spirit. He is the translator of truth.

Using Magical Unicorns by DV, Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Grandparent; You have a special bond with a grandparent that can never be broken.

This card says to me, in this universal reading that there are those that we consider passed on that are interested in our lives and that want to be of assistance where they can. Talk with them, write to them, listen for advice or impressions.

I know that children who have passed on can be very instrumental in your life today. My daughter is never far away from me.

Be comfortable with this knowledge because this is truth and not a fairy tale or wishful thinking.

Very Soon; What you’re asking for will happen soon in a happy way.

What is it you are asking for? I do hope that it is not to see your supposed enemies crushed. If it is peace, harmony, tolerance, and understanding in the world for all, I would take this card as very literal.

Do not worry about how it will be accomplished and do be sure to follow the promptings to read a book or send positive vibes somewhere, as you are an active part of the positive change that is coming.

Humanity is soon to “get over itself” and realize that it is more than it ever dreamed possible. There are no boundaries on the potential of humanity.

Believe in Yourself; See yourself doing well, and you will.

Do it! If you have concerns or feel panicky remember we all get butterflies before the performance but once the curtain goes up “We got this!”.

You have done the work and are prepared. Do not talk yourself out of being what you are or doing what you feel called to do.

Envision, with as much detail and sensory imagination as you can, what you want to do. Imagine it being received with much applause and rejoicing here or in the world of the non-physical.

You have a purpose and a place in the Grand Plan of Time.

Just Be Yourself; You’re a great person–enjoy being yourself.

Be you! You are awesome! Do not let other voices tell you otherwise. And if you must stand alone in the physical world, know that there is no way that you stand alone in truth because we are all One and soon we will acknowledge this openly.


There are many who are not on the earth in the physical at this moment in time who are at your side and sending you whatever assistance you are willing to receive. Do not forget to ask for it. You are so dearly loved!

Very soon the blessings that humanity has been waiting eons for will be manifest. Know this and keep your eyes open for the witness of them.

Believe that the Divine/God believes in you. That is why you are here at this time. And do not doubt that you are one of the chosen. All this means is that you choose to listen for the Divine assistance and be guided by He who knows the beginning and the end. Whatever name you call Him by. I call Him the Holy Spirit.

You are enough! You have just the right amount of gifts and weaknesses to do great work here in the world of the physical. Go inside and find out who you are. What do you believe, really? You have spent enough time be taught what your culture believes. Make sure you know what you believe and then act. The world needs you to stand in your truth.

It is a great time to be alive! Thanks for being here!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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