Universal Reading for 18 November through 24 November 2019 Inward Choices Can Stagnate or Clear Your Path

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by DV and RV; Read by Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Bring a prayer to invite the Holy Spirit as you read this. Let Him offer you the truths that you are willing to receive at this time.

7 Be Open to Success

Seven identifies inner work. Getting to know one’s self. Soul-searching. The time it takes is not relevant. It may be instantaneous once you open yourself to the idea, it may take lifetimes. The result is the same for all, only the path and duration of time may vary. And time, being only an illusion for the benefit of creation, will not cause a variance between the currently divided parts of the Son, nor between the Father and the Son.

As you come to know the truth about who and what you are as a Child of God, standing in the Atonement, alongside Jesus, you will gain insights and the ability to live in the calm assurance of that witness.

This does not mean challenges will not come, it means that you are able to be calm. Even if you experience a short period of aggressiveness as boundaries are established, or re-established with the ebb and flow of life, you can have that calm within.

Be willing to experience the positives that will come into your life and the acceptance of others that may have seemed put off before. You are sending out a different energy.

Trust yourself to know what is not real and that you are being led by the Holy Spirit. Be willing to accept success without waiting for the other foot to drop.

You have given up control of your life and turned it over to the guidance of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. They will not fail you. And they know the Whole Plan so that they can best guide you into situations that will serve the greater good.

As you stand in the Atonement, you know that you are taken care of and fear has no presence there; nor has guilt or conflict of mind, because you know who you follow.

Healer of Thought

Thoughts create our reality. What you are thinking today will one day be the present. Standing in the Atonement there is no judgment. Watch out for the ego’s interpretation of perfection, though. Here judgment creeps in and undermines your peace.

This is a time to tidy up your physical space or finances. You may find your relationships adjusting. You may feel very comfortable in solitude where you are able to be in the witness and presence of what I call, All One.

You may find that your idea of loving one individual uniquely does not make sense any longer. The Atonement acknowledges the One Truth. It acknowledges Christ, the Son, not as any individual but as a Whole of Creation.

You may find yourself finding time to develop skills that you have always desired and not made room for.

Intuition and Insight

You have an inner knowing that can be trusted. The world has done everything in its power to tell you that you do not have enough sense to figure out the challenges of the world and that is not so.

The challenges of the world reflect the confusion and shame within the individual. The Atonement lets go of all of that. It promotes compassion for the suffering in the world without the guilt, so often taken on.

The world will teach you that you know nothing and that somehow you are responsible for all that is wrong in the world or that you can correct all that is wrong in the world.

Do not accept either opinion. Trust yourself and that inner voice. Do what you can, where you can and do not be over-whelmed by the rest. The Holy Spirit will guide them as He will you, as you yield to the truthfulness of your divinity in Christ and in Father.

Four of Abundance

This card has to do with money. I wonder if we could not expand it to a more universal concept of resources. How are you using your resources? Do you withhold your talents and not share them in the world as was their purpose? Do you give and give to those who then do not need to develop their talents in life and for the benefit of the world?

4 is the number of stability. We, as various parts of Christ, want to stand and be our best for ourselves and for the benefit of the Whole.

You made the effort to enter life at this time and you brought talents and weaknesses that would reflect the glory of God. Trust that you will find your way and that it will be the exact one that was intended.

You do have angels of all sorts: four-legged, physical, unseen, ancestral. They are committed to helping you fulfill the highest measure of you being that you are willing to achieve.

Be attentive to your emotional life. It will give you sign posts to guide you into your greatest self.


Be willing to receive the positives that physical life can give in all its variations. Success is most magnified in the witness of the Atonement. Do not be afraid to receive it.

Let the Holy Spirit help you understand what belongs in your life and what does not. Change can seem frightful, even positive change. Do not let this stop you from moving ahead and clearing out the familiar, but negative or useless constructs of your life.

Be willing to experiment on trusting yourself. Your ability to recognize your intuition, and what I call the promptings of the Holy Spirit, will increase as you do so. You are capable of so much more than you now give yourself credit for.

Look at how you use your resources. Your money, talents, relationships. Are you utilizing them well? Are you over-extending and giving more than is healthy? Do you walk in confidence? Or is fear or apathy (just not engaged) creating a stagnancy in your any area of your life?

Listen to your intuition and you will be guided into healthier places as long as you move forward with faith in your good and worthiness in being blessed and not in fear. This is the reason for the need of the Atonement.

Inward action, choice applied, because of the witness of your relationship with God and all of creation. These are the things that are asked of us today.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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