Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

NOTE: Scribes have a particular role in the Plan of Atonement, because they have the ability to EXPERIENCE revelations themselves, and also to put into words enough of the experience to serve as a basis for miracles.

*This is about a very personal communication with herself and what may be called her higher self, I suspect, while she was giving the revelation.)

(This refers to experiences at the visionary level, after which HS wrote “If you will tell me what to do, I will to do it.” She had not known that the word “to” was inserted and had merely intended to write “I will do it.” This recognition had a terrific impact on HS.)

*It may be that he was showing her that she could have and did have spiritual experiences, which we recall she was not prone to in her worlds of professional academia and atheism.

This is why you EXPERIENCED that revelation about “I will to do” VERY personally, but also WROTE IT: What you wrote CAN be useful to miracle workers other than yourself.

*This may be a shout out to the writers of the world. As we share what we have or understand at this time, more is given to us, if we are willing to receive it. And others will benefit from what we share.

We said before that prayer is the medium of miracles.

*She was not inclined to recognize herself as a praying woman.

The miracle prayer IS what you wrote, i.e. “If you will tell me what to do, I will to do it.” *

*Whether she would understand that she had that deep of a commitment, in spite of the struggles she was having with the course in her day to day life, and that it came from deep inside of her is a question. Yet we know that she never gave up the work or even thought of discontinuing it, even though it caused her a lot of turmoil in her day to day life.

This prayer is the door that leads out of the desert forever.

*It is my understanding and belief that each of us has this in the deepest core of our being, this will to do the will of God. It may be covered up for the moment by other roles we are willing to play in this Plan that we live while time exists, but I do believe it is there is each and every one of us.

Pg. 34 (the * and (was removed to avoid unnecessary confusion)

Correction next day. This is not a complete statement, because it does not exclude the negative. We have already told you to add “and NOT to do what you would not have me do.” in connection with miracles.

*This suggests that there are things we do not want to do, obviously.

The distinction has also been made here between “miracle-mindedness” as a STATE, and “miracle-doing” as its expression.

*While in the physical there will be things that we can do to prepare something and to accomplish something.

The former needs YOUR careful protection, because it is a state of miracle-READINESS.

*You might say this is our offense. Our preparation.

This is what the Bible means in the many references to “Hold yourself ready” and other similar injunctions.

*Just a side note here: that term itself is not in the Bible, though there are many references to being ready for divine assistance. Or preparing yourself for a divine witness.

Readiness here means keep your perception right side up, (or valid), so you will ALWAYS be ready, willing, and able.

*This is a powerful state of mind that took me a lot of years to understand. It need not take that long, I just had to get beyond my fears and phobias. Depression or the weakness of thinking suicide rather than facing the worlds challenges are counter productive to this attitude.

*For me, it has led to being in a place of prayer and meditation, not at any given time, but at all times. Does this mean that I never experience sorrow? No, it is just that I do not accept this as anything that has to do with reality. I just let it run its course and do not get attached to it.

*For example, as a parent with adult children, their choices can feel so crushing because I know it will cause them pain and it may force me to make decisions I would rather not. As with meditative thoughts you do not need to get tangled up in these events. You simply observe them and eventually they will go away, because you know the truth about the illusion of the challenges of this world. This is when you are faced with things that you can do nothing about, of course.

These are the essentials for “listen, learn, and do.”

You must be

READY to listen

WILLING to learn

and ABLE to do

Only the last is involuntary, because it is the APPLICATION of miracles which must be Christ-controlled. But the other two, which are the voluntary aspects of miracle-mindedness, ARE up to you.

*To be ready to listen we need to give up the idea that we have all the answers. To others, this situation may look as if we think we are “know it all’s” or “better than” because we do not take their advice but seek to follow our inner voice, intuition, Holy Spirit, or what it is we choose to call it.

*To be willing to learn is huge as we must search, ponder, and pray about what we do. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I have often had books or whole concepts (NDE, a specific channeler) come to mind that will open a new avenue of understanding for me. So, it was for me and ACIM though I prayed about it for four months once I knew for certain I had the prompting to obtain the book. I wanted to make sure it was the witness of the Holy Spirit and not just my looking for a way out (of the church, as it turned out).

*This last part I am not so good at bring to conscious remembrance. By this I mean that I have not trained myself to as Christ (or Jesus, as His CEO) to manifest this according to his understanding. And yet, this is the very thing I must do daily and continually, especially as I step out with my book in hand and teach and bear witness of the Father’s Love for His Son in a formal way.

*I want to remember to give it all over to Christ each time I rise by placing it all in the hands of Jesus. Jesus is not the only Christ, but he is the one who is closest to the mind of Christ and aware of the Whole Plan that restores us to readiness to awaken, as Christ, into God’s Love.

*Though others may find their way without knowing who Jesus was as a mortal, they will know him in the end because we are all one being. I am grateful that I know who he is, he is my dearest friend and companion, and has never let me down when I chose to call on him.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste


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