Day 39 Urtext ACIM pg. 33 Pleasure in Sex is a Misunderstanding

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

*Please do not hate the messenger. These are the words of Jesus about the illusions that we have created around our true identity to block ourselves from the Love of God. This is not a message that I would have chosen to promote. With a dysfunctional start in life I had to talk myself into accepting a “healthy” sex life and I believe that I had done so. I am not trying to win any popularity contest here though. I want to know what Jesus was trying to teach us and that is what I am going to do my best to relate by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The pleasure which is derived from sex AS SUCH is reliable only because it stems from an error which men shared.

*Is this the belief that attack brings pleasure or that we are here to suffer?

AWARENESS of the error produces the guilt.

*The error is actually the idea that we are separate from God and that we can find connectivity in that which is outside ourselves. The guilt comes from seeking satisfaction outside of God. I suspect a companionable relationship may be desired in a joint effort to testify of God’s Love for His Son. Would that not cause many relationships to alter course?

DENIAL of the error results in projection.

*Projection. That act we do to shift our own feelings of uncomfortableness outside into the world so that we think it attacks us, instead of realizing we are attacking ourselves.

CORRECTION of the error brings release.

*Knowing that God loves us where we are and that He has never left us, nor we Him. It also makes us content in our own skin, no matter what is going on. Life will still present its issues. For one thing, no one is isolated. We still are a whole entity, so experiences are going to come from places that we are not conscious of. It is in knowing what is real in spite of what we see or seem to experience (which is my definition of faith) that we can continue in a positive and confident manner.

The only VALID use of sex is procreation.

*Tell that to Hollywood! Sex is all we seem to live by from the time we are knee high. Why is that? Could it be that we are believing a hype that simply has no truth? Managing intimate details of our lives does give the market an edge on who will by what, in terms of merchandise or propaganda.

It is NOT truly pleasurable in itself.

*I mean, think about that for a minute. I remember when I first tried a cigarette. It was awful. But I came to believe that I enjoyed it. (I did quit over 30 years ago. I am not judging, just saying this was my journey.) I really believe this deserves to be looked at. Think of all of the challenges men and women face as early as 40 in the private areas. And disease of all sorts. It is a very addictive behavior, also, if allowed to get out of hand. And it often serves as a measure of our success as a human being. Now, what is wrong with that picture?

“Lead us not into Temptation” means “Do not let us deceive ourselves into believing that we can relate in peace to God or our brothers with ANYTHING external.”

*Relating, having a relationship with God or others is a psychological endeavor, not a physical one. Think about that for a bit. How often do we acknowledge this?

*The relating concept is huge. We are related to God because He is God. It is not based on our emotions, actions, words, thoughts, or anything else. Likewise, for all of our other relationships, even though humanity has tried to put all sorts of labels, definitions, and expectations on them.

The “sin of Onan” was called a “sin” because it involved a related type of self-delusion; namely, that pleasure WITHOUT relating can exist.

*Matthew 38, this is the brother-in-law that spilled his seed instead of giving his brother a name sake. We are not separate. When we give, we receive. Onan did not want to give up a son to his brother’s memory.

*This is a concept best understood in the heart than in the head. Again, a reflection on the psychological/spiritual experience of humanity.

*There seems to be a lot more to the statement “pleasure without relating” than we comprehend. To think that we can receive from another without acknowledging our oneness with them, perhaps? It seems to carry depths we have yet to discover.

To repeat an earlier instruction, the concept of either the self or another as a “sex-OBJECT” epitomizes this strange reversal.

*The idea that a body that attends to us gives, us greater meaning in our lives, is a bit odd when you put it that way, don’t you think? We need to understand that our value is intrinsic in our existence. Existence is proof that we are loved, that we are worthy, and justified.

As B. put it, and very correctly, too, it IS objectionable, but only because it is invalid.

*Being a sex-object is not the purpose of our physical being. It was formed by Christ to prove the many ways that He had separated from God, His Father. And the Holy Spirit takes that and makes the physical manifestation of all creation a witness or communication of God’s love for His Son. Our purpose is not procreation, but to eventually show that there is no need of the body. This frightens the ego who thinks and teaches that you are a body.

Upside-down logic produces this kind of thinking.

*Believing that humanity is a body and not a psychological entity.

*My health this past couple of weeks has not been the best so I may be writing in a bit of a brain fog, but I believe it is important to keep to this weekly as much as I am able. We are all learning here and food for thought is the making of the cosmos, so I think it is a fair attempt.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


Till next time, God bless, Namaste

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