Universal Reading 21 October through 27 October 2019 You Are (Because He IS)

Using Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by DV: Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Please bring a prayer for the Holy Spirit with you. He is the translator and witness of truth.

Elevation of Spiritual Tendencies

This card is labeled Vegetarian/Vegan and says that this lifestyle is the one that gives the best spiritual opportunities. I do not agree with that and I will not promote it. What you eat is a personal decision. You body chemestry, cultural heritage, and personal inclination all come into play. And the biggest thing of all is how you think about any of it, so listen to your own inner guidance for the best fit for you. You will be guided.

Intent and letting go of expectations are the two keys that I have found. There are too many variables that humanity does not understand to try and lock anyone into one certain path as far as sustaining the human body goes.

We each have challenges and obstacles we wanted to experience in this lifetime as well. Who am I to insist that someone alter course? Follow your instincts and inner guidance. For your highest good at this time.

Workshops and Seminars: Be open to teaching and learning.

We all give and take in this existence. There is none among us who does not teach, although we can block our learning. And we can teach separation and despair, instead of compassion and hope, if we choose. Whether you are doing it formally in front of a class or isolated in your own environment, what you think and process in your mind affects all of creation. Choosing to see the bright side of things can become a habit, just as choosing to see the dark side of things can.

However you teach or learn, the immediate moment is your greatest and only arena. Be in the knowledge that you are a magnificent part of All That Is and that you are valued just in being.

Crown Chakra: Pay attention to your ideas.

You have a lot of things going through your mind at any given moment. Learn to distinguish the voice that holds your highest good. I know it as the Holy Spirit. It is a divine connection that gives you comfort and guidance along the path of life. You will get more help the more you are willing to follow the promptings.

Do not be afraid of instruction here either. I am in the process of learning just how connected my thoughts are to what comes in my near future. It is a matter of observing and holding thoughts on the back burner of your mind to see what develops.

We are all in a sort of jumbled and confused state of affairs. Do not let that trouble you. Accepting the Oneness of Creation and our impact on one another is a huge step for humanity at this time.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Feel safe in your personal power.

The third chakra is where your person power and center lie. Located in the navel and lower chest it is the core of your witness to the world. The color is yellow and I suggest it is reflective of the light of the sun as it affects all around it.

You have a personal energy that is unlike any other in this lifetime and, just maybe, all others. Your particular twist on things is unique to you and it resonates in the world. Do not be afraid to be who you are; in whatever capacity that you feel impressed to exist. Others may not understand or agree. That is not your problem. We can bring Christ to an awakened state, but only as quickly as we are willing to be true to who we truly are.


Be aware of your body. Use wisdom in keeping it in good working order. You are not your body, but your body is an important vehicle for expression in the place that you now are focusing in. Follow your inner guidance and know that your body will be as fit as your mind. And in the sense of the universal whole there is no way that anyone can put a definition to what that means. In other words, the ill body may be what is needed to declare the message that you wanted to express in this “time and place”.

You cannot stop your teaching, but you can block your learning. Keep the passage ways open as much as possible by accepting your place in the hands of God. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands. You are part of Him as He is part of you and you are meant to be acknowledged.

What you think matters. You will be inspired. Do not pooh pooh or discount those inspirations. Act on them in small ways. You never know what they will become. Acknowledge that you are worthy of Divine Inspiration.

Then do not be afraid to be. So what if you are not like anyone else. You were not meant to be. You were meant to be you, in this moment, just as you are. Thanks for “being” here.

I have just recently read the Seth books by Jane Roberts. When I teach or write I do so with the whole heart of who and what I am in the moment. I do not consider myself a learned person either. By this I mean that I do not believe I have gotten all the answers for me or anyone else at any given time. I consider myself a work in process. While at the same time I am what I am meant to be in any given moment and I seek to be open to being that and being okay with it at any given time.

Life is a great adventure. And it continues after the body is set aside. Wherever you find yourself at this moment, know that it is just where you are meant to be. That does not suggest non-action, it suggests acknowledgement of the Atonement that knows the Father and the Son are One.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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