I have spent the past week reading two books. My first from this author, Jane Roberts, and her material on Seth.

Seth is the Biblical name of the son that Eve was given when Abel was murdered by Cain. Jane’s Seth never suggests that he was that Seth (that I know of). But it tickles the back of my brain anyway.

I have read The Seth Material and Seth Speaks. A lot of what he speaks of is things that I already knew. Things that I have felt confirmation of by the Holy Spirit.

His form of teaching and focus did expand some things for me. The political/psychological climate at the time of Jesus, for instance. As well as the concept of all things happening at the same time and all probabilities being allowed to be manifest somewhere in dimensional reality.

I am going to ponder that last one for a while because I believe that it will allow me greater ability to “let go” of the need for things to be the way that I want them to be or getting upset or anxious, if they do not.

These were journeys that I was on the way to anyhow. Seth just seems to be an answer for greater understanding on how to do these things.

There are very significant statements that for me totally confirm the information that I have received so far from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I loved his analogy of the atom being thought of as a micro second and how there are points of the atom that currently do not connect.

Not to mention the idea that we have the ability to change the past by what we are doing in the now, because time is an illusion. It is very exciting to me.

He even points out the “living dead” as I call them. Those who are more dead in life than they will be in death.

I have The Nature of Personal Reality here to read before I need to purchase others. I look forward to reading more of his material, as well.

During my reading of the materials my dream experience has really expanded and I have much greater recall. I have no desire to go consciously out of body. I lived with depressive thoughts much too long for that. This is a decision I made some time ago.

I do remember my father telling me that he had those experiences. And it would have been after high school, during the years when Jane’s work was popular. Though I do not recall him mentioning her work specifically, he may have. I believe he was inclined that way spiritually.

I find that I am being taught many things and that I am being challenged in my ability to interface with humanity in a different way now. I am given the opportunity to redirect my thoughts so that I allow others to be who they are and still hold my own integrity.

I believe that I am embracing “being” in a greater way and I am grateful for it. I want to do these things for myself but I am also desiring and willing to be an example for my grandchildren.

I feel so tempted to shuffle off by myself and be very happy. I feel connected and in touch with everyone when I am alone because it is just me and the Holy Spirit.

But I know that I was given this form to be a witness and voice for truth and I need to get over the frustration with the subtle ways that I see my children hurting each other and not feeling confident and loved for just who they are. I cannot correct their behavior, I need to adjust my thinking.

I am grateful for the challenges that they give me.

The holidays bring terrific opportunities to test my spiritual learning. My PTSD shines at these times because my gut wrenches at the hypocracy and unkindness that I see. If we did not have the holidays though perhaps it would not come into our minds to be questioned, so they do serve a huge purpose.

And then I am discussing a very provocative subject in my Urtext ACIM material regarding sexuality. I am taught as I prepare these messages and it obviously shakes my foundational look at the human race at the moment.

I love my work though. I could not see myself doing anything else. I have the makings of another book in the works as well. A fictional portrayal of how to surf the world and its emotional roller coaster with the things that the Holy Spirit is teaching me.

My life is rich and full and I am grateful for each and every person and incident that has taken me to where I am today.

Thank you for letting me share!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste!

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