Day 32 Urtext ACIM pg. 29 Considering the Need to Connect

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments are *asterixed*.

The following is in relation to question about sex. Tell B. “the one more river” isrelated to sex. You might even explain it to him as a “tidal wave”, a term which he will understand. YOU won’t.

*From a conversation on Christ-Control when scribing to the topic of sex. Nothing gets past Jesus. He is aware of all the bases and I am sure is speaking of experience about the “tidal wave”, though being a woman, I would not have personal familiarity.

*Likewise, Jesus being unfamiliar with conflict, fear, and guilt is still able to shed light on the path out of it because he stands on higher ground.

*I, on the other hand, am familiar with challenges in all these areas and the questions about sexuality have been with me all my life.

Both of you are involved with unconscious distortions (above the miracle level),which are producing a dense cover over miracle-impulses which makes it hard for them to reach consciousness.

*”Unconscious distortions (above the miracle level)”, this suggests that there are layers of consciousness or sub-consciousness that humanity deals with. These may be things that society or locality takes for granted in any given time. Traditions even, that one is born into. This is why the sincere study of what we personally believe is so valuable. Because they block our god-given being and awareness of our connection.

Sex & miracles are both WAYS OF RELATING. The nature of any interpersonal relationship is limited or defined by what you want it TO DO which isWHY you want it in the first place.

*Definition of related1: connected by reason of an established or discoverable relation I am beginning to think that relating is something that is only in the illusion. As One Being we have no need to seek connection because we are one. Here we have the illusion of that need or desire. Which is limited and defined by what you want it to do. Which is why you want it in the first place. Bearing in mind that we were created to bring about a witness that Christ could suffer, is it any wonder that we are traumatized by one another?!?

Relating is a way of achieving an outcome.

*So, there is (always?!) a goal in connecting as we perceive it as humanity.

Indiscriminate sexual impulses resemble indiscriminate miracle impulses in that bothresult in body image misperceptions.

*I suspect the meaning of this is that we place too great a meaning on body and its assumed benefits or goals. We give it too much credit on many levels.

The first is an expression of an indiscriminate attempt to reach communion thru the body.

*Cha ching! The Body!

This involves not only the improper self identification, but also disrespect for the individuality of others.

*When we think of ourselves as bodies it is easy to discount the spirit or heart of another.

Self-control is NOT the whole answer to this problem, though I am by no means discouraging its use.

*He is speaking directly to the sex drive here. Self-control is only a partial answer.

It must be understood, however, that the underlying mechanism must be uprooted (a word you both should understand well enough by now not to regard it as frightening).

*The underlying cause that promotes the indiscriminate use of sexuality or miracles. Would this be not allowing Jesus to be the director of either? That is exactly what prior studies would suggest. But that irks us doesn’t it? Only because we believe that we can have separate thoughts and separate anything. We are ONE. Jesus is just the administrator, the CEO, the Coordinator and we will find peace with him because he is the one who knows our true will, which is God’s.

*I must say that I am learning so much about this Course. At the end of the Urtext it says that in 1978 neither Helen nor Bill understood what was being taught here. Bill achieved much because he was willing to give some credence to spiritual things or something outside of the five senses. I was not able to do this work until I went into my and cleared my mind of frivolous issues. My tooth ache subsided as well and I was able to feel confident in what I was writing. Otherwise this would have been up two days ago. There is definitely a “place” we need to be to be taught by the Spirit. I will continue as long as the Lord allows.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

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