Universal Reading 26 August through 1 September 2019 Stand Aware of Your Worth

From Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

Sage, Be Devoted and Committed

Take note of what you understand today. This will open the door for greater understanding to come. The human consciousness is always in need of those who are willing to express their understanding of life. It is an internal journey and even if you only keep a private journal that allows you to express yourself, you are becoming more aware of you.

Stag, Trust and Thrive

Stag is king of the forest in Celtic tradition. Even though he is hunted he is courageous and a leader. Sure-footed and gentle are the characteristics of the deer. The stag also holds his head up high, steady and sure in his own skin and place in the world. This card represents fertility and sexuality. Do not be afraid of these components of living in a linear sense. Life is meant to be savored. Find out what that means to you and embrace it.

Knight, Be Brave and Honest

Be brave and honest. You can only be the best of who you are today, and this is an environment of change. Meditation, nature walks, writing, music, and prayer can help you identify what you value and desire to protect and defend. Do not let others tell you what those things are. And then embrace them and the vulnerability that comes from being in this time and place.

Protection Guardian, Drop Your Shields

Drop your walls of shame, resistance, and fear. You are here to feel good and to be happy. Embrace the moment and the blessings in it. As you do this, you will build an awareness of how it feels that you may store in your physical and mental memory for times when the tide turns. Remember that there are guardians, angels around you, protecting you so that you may be what you were meant to be. Joy is your natural state. Embrace it.


Be attentive and constructive as you engage with life. What you learn blesses all of us. You have great value.

Honor yourself. Hold your head high. You are not here by accident. Your value is not questioned.

Decide for yourself what you value and defend. Give your whole heart and know that being true to yourself and your being is benefitting all of humanity.

You are protected. Guardian angels stand as sentinels to see that you fulfill all that you came here to do. Let go of fear, shame, and resistance. You are and that is awesome.

These words can be challenging for many in the world today. Torn families, sexual abuse and betrayals can leave you feeling less than worthy. You come from God. Make no mistake that He finds you less than perfect. Mistakes by yourself or others are just that, mistakes. Observe them, feel the emotion they bring and then let them go. Do not hold onto errors as an identity. You are of royalty and magnificence. Do not forget this.

I pray this serves to lift and enlighten.

In Jesus name, for the Whole of Christ, Amen.

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