Universal Reading 2 September through 8 September 2019 Recognize Your Worth and Dreams

Magic Unicorns by DV Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons Please bring the Spirit with you.

Thankful: Think about the people and things you feel grateful for.

As a Whole Christ Consciousness we have much to be thankful for. Even if you come from the most sordid circumstance, you are breathing. You have value. You have purpose, if only to be able to tell Christ that all the bad things he thought could happen to him have no lasting effect. Write down what you are thankful for. Find it in your own way. Is it in nature? Music, show, or something you read? Find that happy place and recognize it. Add to it regularly and lock it in your memory by tapping your third eye (the spot between the eye brows).

Coming from a place of gratitude opens many doors.

Wish Upon a Star: Make a wish and expect the very best.

I have heard it said that you want to dream your dream but do not put expectations on how you will get there or the time needed to do so. Desires are important. They keep us moving forward. There is so much that humanity is going to be blessed with that we cannot even begin to imagine it. And yet we must. The imagination of humanity is powerful and not to be underestimated. It also will be allowed to be manifested in every minute detail. May I suggest that we imagine positives for all?!!!!

You Are Gifted: You are very intelligent and talented.

There you have it. If you ever heard or thought otherwise, let it go! We are not made from a cookie cutter. We all learn and experience differently and your means of expression are important to the world whether anyone “gets it” or not. You may be known by millions or only to yourself, but have no doubt of your value and importance to humanity and All That IS.

Love Heals Fear: The power of your love can help bullies and angry people to be less afraid.

Start with yourself. Love yourself. And love your enemy. It takes away their sting and no one can touch your spirit. No one can give it up or crush it but you. Do not look for places to be aggressive, even with a bully. Just stand in your own truth, whatever that is for you. I only recently heard in my heart that Jesus did not know fear. He dwelled in the knowledge of Christ, his Father. Jesus shares that with us. We are a part of Christ as a son is part of a father and unlike the world where we separate, there is no broken union between Father and Son. Urtext ACIM teaches that Love is Power. Let the Holy Spirit teach you this and share the Love of the Father for the Son.


Be grateful for all of it, because it has a purpose.

Wish for your heart’s desire. Just do not put expectations on how or when it will be manifest.

Know your value. Your are capable and important to the Whole, have no doubt.

Love heals fear. Stand in your own power. Love you and love others so that it comes back to fill you.

Do not misunderstand me here. I am not suggesting all is wonderful out there as far as personal circumstances go. I know this is not the case and will not be for many. Remember you are not your body. You are not your story. You are not the story Christ sent you here to live out. You are Divine and you have a role in a plan that will bless the Whole of Christ, which we are. Whether here or on the other side of the veil, you are cherished and wonderful.

You will find people who will support a troubled story however you want to define it. But you have the power to heal you and in so doing to heal others. This is my witness, in Jesus name, Amen.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

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