Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments *asterixed*.

To “change your mind” means to place it at the disposal of True authority. The miracle is thus a sign that the mind has elected to be guided by Christ in HIS service.

*Remember authority is claiming what you believe. Christ is the essence of our true selves. Christ is the True Authority and we are guided by the Holy Spirit to serve Christ in ourselves and what appears to be others (appears because while they appear separate, they are truly a part of Christ and thus a part of each of us).

*Jesus teaches us this without acknowledging that Christ is the one that put guilt, conflict, and fear within our subconscious in the first place by believing in separation which leads to duality, scarcity, and hierarchy. Because he never experienced any of those things except in body, which he did not put above spirit or mind.

*Jesus, as firstborn of Christ in spirit, does not acknowledge those things in his mind and heart. He has no way to relate to them. He was and is still One, still Whole, in complete connection with Christ and each of us.

*That is what makes him the one who can direct the Atonement. His confidence in being one with Christ, the god of this world is sure. He has accepted the Atonement for himself. But Jesus is not Whole, any more than Christ is, without all of us. Just as God is not Whole without Christ.

*His knowledge of being in Christ is complete. He does not have the similar struggles that you and I do, because that experience never came to him at his birth or creation. His struggle was having patience with all of us and the suffering we are willing to experience instead of acknowledging who we truly are and receiving God’s blessings and abundance.

*The rest of us each have the confusion in different degrees. We do not need to judge anyone for this. It comes from the error of Christ that he could separate from God which is an impossibility.

*Again, the reason that Jesus is not as affected by this is because he was the first of Christ’s thoughts or creations. He is affected by it because he manifested in flesh and blood as we did, so he would die in the flesh. This is my belief and understanding and it is significant. (I know this is not the normal teaching about Jesus, but I have this belief for a lot of good reasons which, I apologize, are too lengthy to go into here.)

*It is not deliverance of death that Jesus wants to free us from, because death is an impossibility to begin with. Rather he seeks to grant us deliverance from the belief in death. Which is a transition in the mind. And this is all geared to waking Christ up from his dream of separation from His Father.

The abundance of Christ is the natural result of choosing to follow him.

*God wants to bless His Son. That is each of us, wherever we are. Abundance, of all sorts, is our heritage.

P.S. The reason you have been late recently (for work) because you were taking dictation is merely because you didn’t remember to ask me when to stop.

*It appears that Jesus is trying to get her to acknowledge his significant role here. His position in birth is significant to this linear space and time. And his role should not be under-estimated. Even if it has been confused over time.

This is an example of the “indiscriminate or uncontrolled” miracle-working we already spoke of. It is well-meant but ill-advised.

*It seems within the linear time frame Jesus really needs to lead us. He is Christ’s Chief Ambassador, if you will. His confidence in his connection with deity is so solid that he has already accepted and taken part in the Atonement. Again, this is why he leads us in it. And please understand we are united, equally as Christ, God’s Son.

I prompted that call from Jack (taxi man – couldn’t pick HS up, etc.) to show you that this is not necessary. Also, the other man needed the money more today.

*Can you hear and see Jesus’ compassion and awareness of all of his brothers?

Note that you managed to fill your scribal role with no interruptions and were also on time.

*Note the clarity of his observations.

Note also that you closed the book & put it aside WITHOUT consulting me.

*She is a scribe after all, taking dictation. Was she not willing to listen to Jesus or bring him into the equation? Remember that these words were coming into her mind via her own voice. There was a reluctance on the part of Helen to take credit for what she wrote, but it also appears there was a reluctance for her to give credit to the one who gave the words to her.

*According to the three people who worked closest with her on this project she had this strain on her relationship with Jesus to the end. In a video with Bill, Judy, and Ken shortly after her death Bill tells the story of how she asked Jesus why he did not help her, and his reply was “because you were ashamed of me”.

*She was a brilliant woman of academia and professionalism. That was her “role” here in the flesh. It seemed to get in the way of her relationship with Jesus, and others, on a personal level. Jesus is doing his best to give her all the opportunity for growth that she is willing to receive.

Ask “Is that all?”

Answer: No:
add the following:
These notes are serving, among other things, to replace the “handwriting on the wall” which you
once saw next to your own altar, which read “You have been weighed in the balance & found wanting.”

*Jesus was aware of all the components of her life. As he is of ours. This has to do with his position as first “born” of Christ. He has observed all of what Christ has manifested and he has retained a memory of it. He had this same ability while on earth in the flesh as Jesus, of Nazareth. (Recall him telling the woman at the well of her personal history?)

Scribes MUST learn Christ-control, to replace their former habits, which DID produce scarcity rather than abundance.

*Learning Christ-control rather than false-ego control will bless our lives. Many are doing so all around the world. Whether they use his name or not, it is being connected to the divine within them and then following their inner guidance. You might call it intuition, gut, or a hunch. Scribes, or those who speak to bear witness of Christ in whatever capacity or under whatever name must have this connection.

From errors of this kind, the sense of deprivation IS inevitable, but very easily corrected.

*When we unite with the Holy Spirit and trust His guidance, we reach greater heights in things that matter to us in all areas of our lives. This is how we correct errors of this kind.

*This kind being ““indiscriminate or uncontrolled” miracle-working”, I am thinking that this is when we try to take the reins before we are ready. It appears that Jesus needs to be the director, at least for a time. Perhaps until we are willing and able to accept the Atonement for ourselves and know that we are connected to our Father, Christ, and that we have inherited all that the Father has. As has He.

*This text was not easy to comment on because of what it brought to mind. Prayer and days, making sure my mind was clear and hearing what I was to write. I had a lot of rewrites on this. These are deep and traditionally different understandings of Jesus and Christ. It can even sound scary, but only to those who are focused on the body and vengeance for themselves.


Till next time, God bless, Namaste

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