Day 28 Urtext ACIM pg 27&28 Author of My Beliefs

*This review is going to touch on some very significant things to me. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints authority was a BIG DEAL. I left the United Methodist Church because of my confusion and belief at the time of what authority really is.

*Webster-Merriam Authority power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior.

*By definition then, I feel that Jesus is teaching us “you are your own authority or author of what you believe”. Ponder this well, because it is not the normal rhetoric that we are taught.

*From the time we are children and beyond, authority is someone else. This comes from seeing the body as who and what we are, which Urtext ACIM teaches us is not so. This is one of the reasons why once humanity understands who and what they are, society as we now know it will have to change on every level.

B. & you need considerable clarification of the channel role.

*What I believe that Jesus is referring to here is Bill and Helen’s understanding of walking under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Put another way; how to accept guidance from the “unseen” in a world where, we believe, we can see through what we experience here alone.

*Thus, I believe that we put God as our guide and let go of the ego that holds us in the chaos of the illusion.

Look carefully at Mrs. Albert. She is working miracles every day, because she knows how she is.

*I believe that “how” was meant to be “who”. She will be referenced at the end of this reading. Please come back and reflect on this comment.

*And who is she? A child of God in full standing as Christ, as are each of us.

I emphasize again that your tendency to forget names is not hostility, but a fear of involvement or RECOGNITION.

*How many of us have that tendency and fear of either or both?

You had misinterpreted human encounters as opportunities for magic rather than for miracles and so you tried to PROTECT THE NAME.

*Magic is where the illusions take over and things are not seen for what they truly are.

This is a very ancient & primitive way of trying to protect a person.

*Suggestion: See all you meet with the surname Christ. It is Christ that carries the power and is our truth, because it identifies the Whole Son of God which we are.

NOTE: The very old Jewish practice of changing the name of a person who is very ill, so that when the list is given to the Angel of Death, the person with that name will not be found.

This is a good example of the curiously literal regression which can occur in very bright people when they become afraid.

*The “literal regression” is our tendency to define all that we hear and see by the definition of the physical “evidence” before us. Those who know the Holy Spirit know that there is more than physical to our existence.

You & B. both do it. Actually, it is a device closely related to the phobia, in the sense that (the narrowing of, *this was crossed out) they both narrow fear to a simple aspect of a much larger problem in order to enable them to avoid it.

*It seems, if we do not identify with the non-physical, that we believe we will be able to manage our fears. Fear is not a truth. It is false evidence appearing real. Fear and Faith do not share the same space.

*With the exception of fear of (or should I say “respect for”) the temporary damage that appears to be happening and is indeed felt here in the illusion, even as stated in the Course. Pain, which is an untruth, can be felt here in the throws of the illusion and will be until Christ fully awakens to who He is so we would not want to do that which causes fear or pain in the physical world, if we can help it. The Holy Spirit will not take a person into fear for instance, even if it is truth and for our own good. (So says the Course) We must relinquish the fear to allow Him to teach us and bring us into our Truth.

A similar mechanism works when you get furious about a comparatively minor expression by someone to whom you are ambivalent.

*Ambivalent: Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

*Goodness this sounds like what happens when I talk with my adult children! Very interesting. What a clarification for me. They may be fearful about their own identity and strike out at a word or minor behavior that allows them to express the fear, but never the issue.

*I love it when Spirit helps me understand things that have troubled me for so long. It doesn’t really bother me that it has been going on for so long once I get the answer. I think this is a bit of my witness of the irrelevance of time.

A good example of this is your response to Jonathan, who DOES leave things around in very strange ways.

*So Jonathan is a bit of a clutter bug?

Actually, he does this because he thinks that by minor areas of disorganization he can protect his stability.

*Have you known someone like this, who behave this way? Maybe the person feels over-whelmed by the personality of others and claims his sense of “being” in this way. That is what I am hearing Jesus say and it does make sense.

I remind you that you have done this yourself for years, and should understand it very well.

*Don’t we all have our ways of claiming our space or identity for ourselves?

This should be met with great charity, rather than with great fury.

*Wow. This touches my heart.

The fury comes from your awareness that you do not love Jonathan as you should, and you narrow your lack of love by centering your hate on trivial behavior in an attempt to protect him from it.

*We have creative minds don’t we. There is that inner person, that ego that hops around all kinds of things to keep us off balance and never really in touch with ourselves. So much of this happens on a subconscious level and even that which is on the surface becomes so habitual we do not question it.

You also call him Jonathan for the same reason (see previous

*To keep him at a distance. My stepmother did this with my name. It felt like a curse word to me for years. I was over 50 before I dealt with it head on and used the name Debra in my everyday life. It chewed me up pretty good as a child. I can see where she had her insecurity’s and we were not allowed to build a relationship naturally till much later in her life. (Just saying I can relate.)

Note that a name is a human symbol that “stands for” a person.

*Do not underestimate that statement. (The story of my walk as Christa-Ann where I took on a totally new name after my last divorce to establish an identity I felt good about, is an example of this.)

Superstitions about names are very common for just that reason.

*Such as the one of changing the dying person’s name to hide from the Angel of Death.

That is also why people sometimes respond with anger when their names are spelled or pronounced incorrectly.

Actually, the Jewish superstition about changing the names was a distortion of a revelation about how to alter or avert death.

What the revelations’s proper content was that those “who change their mind” (not name) about destruction (or hate) do not need
to die.

Death is a human affirmation of a belief in hate.

That is why the Bible says “There is no death,” and that is why I demonstrated that death does not exist.

*Hooray on all accounts! Remember that he is speaking to them from the platform of their current understanding of things and even though they are not at all “Christian”, they do have the fundamental understanding of how it has been taught through the years.

Remember that I came to FULFILL the law by REINTERPRETING it.

*This statement has significance. (I know, they all do right. Jesus is speaking after all!) We typically take the message that he came to fulfill the law to mean he paid for our sins. He paid the price for our infractions and wrong doing.

The law itself, if properly understood, offers only protection to man.

*The law was not meant to attack or restrict mankind.

Those who have not yet “changed their minds” have entered the “hellfire” concept into it.

*Did you hear that? You might look at which side of the question you stand. Let go of the fear and let the Holy Spirit guide you. You will “feel” the truth in your heart or gut, you may even get goose bumps.

Remember, I said before that because “nature abhors a vacuum”, it does NOT follow that the vacuum is filled with hell fire.

*Only God IS. How could hell fire be real?

The emptiness engendered by fear should be replaced by love, because love and its absence are in the same dimension, and correction cannot be undertaken except within a dimension. Otherwise, there has been a confusion of levels.

*I feel there is more here than I understand. The idea that love and the belief in its absence are in the same dimension I get. Could it be that he is telling us that we must come to this correction while here in the flesh instead of waiting for it to occur in some heaven we envision after this life? That would make sense to me.

*This has to do with my belief that suicide is not the way to go, because so much more can be done here in this dimension where the confusion has occurred. To correct our understanding in our own hearts and minds here on earth is very logical. Then what about those who do not do it here? I am open to the idea that they return for another life until they understand. (Yes, today I believe in reincarnation. Within the illusion anyway.)

pg 28
Returning to Mrs. Albert (not Andrews), she corrected your error about her name without embarrassment and without hostility, because she has NOT made your own mistake about names.

*She does not see interacting with others as a premise to Magic. Or the games of the illusion.

She is not afraid, because she knows she is protected. She made the correction ONLY because you were inaccurate, and the whole question of embarrassment did not occur to her.

*She has her connection with Spirit? She is grounded in Truth?

She was also quite unembarrassed when she told you that everything has to be done to preserve life, because you never can tell when God may come and say “Get up, Dave,” and then he will.

*She had grounded herself in the authority of God.

She did not ask what YOU believed first, and afterwards merely added “and its true, too.” The RIGHT answer to the SCT item is: When they told me what to do, I “referred the question to the only REAL authority.”

*I am not sure what the SCT stands for. but I can respond to the concept of the only REAL authority and that would be God, of which we are a part as His Son. And as such have the ability to see ourselves in this light.

*This is not to be confused with considering ourselves god and everyone else less than. It is to recognize ourselves as a part of the Whole that is One.

(HS note: If you ask somebody what he believes before you tell him what you believe, then you are implying that you will say what he approves. This is not “the real authority.”)

*WOW! Webster-Merriam Authority : power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior. By definition you are your own authority or author of what you believe. Wow! (And this is actually where I started this post.)

I had thought this would be a simple entry because it was so short. It turned out to have a lot of information for me that I want to reflect on as I consider events in my life.

I pray it may serve you as well.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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