Animal Tarot Cards by RV

14 Balance Zebra

“By generating varying points of view, you can generate an extraordinary new idea! Compromise with others and collaborate to discover a better solution.”

We are diverse and unique with varying views, even though we, as a whole, are the One Christ.

We truly can bring the diversity together and create a new world for our children to experience.

One plus four is five suggesting some bumpy roads, but nothing that is not able to be worked out.

2 High Priestess Owl

“This is a time to pause and reflect, not to take action. Trust in your spiritual gifts, as nothing is hidden from your Divine intuition.”

Journaling is a wonderful way to clear out the cobwebs and see where you are emotionally. You will see when negativity is having too much influence. Make note of synchronicities and coincidences.

Put a “food for thought” passage on the back burner of your brain as you begin your day and reflect on any inspirational thoughts or ideas. Build your ability to trust your intuition by following it.

Two suggests a partnership, perhaps with our guides and guardian angels.

Seven of Winter, Magpie

“Caution will help you avoid the loss of valuables, including non-material resources (such as time or peace of mind). Be aware of the results of your actions, as well as what others might be doing behind your back.”

What about relationships? I know that the “in” thing is to just remove yourself from people. May I suggest that if you need to physically do so that you do not just “kick them to the curb” but that you Keep them in prayer and wish them well?

That being all connected is an interesting thing. We can never lose what is real and our belonging to one another as the Body of Christ is real. We can look at behavior or circumstance that we cannot accept as part of the illusion that will disappear when we truly understand who we are in God and as Christ.

In the meantime, you can trust that things may be tricky and you may not be able to get along with everyone. Healthy boundaries, while we acknowledge that we are One will be so helpful!

Seven suggests soul searching and possibly wanting more out of life. The illusion can make us feel that we are not all that we need to be or that we do not have all that we need to have and this is not the case. Be alert and then walk in confidence.

Queen of Summer, Swan

“This is a time of deep emotions and heightened intuition that you can trust completely. Be mindful you don’t ignore your own needs while caring for others.”

Here is our intuition again, as well as a caution to take care of ourselves while we show compassion and courtesy to others. Strong emotional intelligence can be graceful and beautiful. This may also remind us of the “ugly duckling” so that we do not judge ourselves too harshly and know what we have the potential to become.


Compromise and balance among all persons is a real possibility!

Pause and reflect. Write and allow yourself freedom of expression to reveal your Divine intuition. Or find the outlet that allows you to be in touch with your inner self.

Know you are still in the world of illusion and it will appear that things can go awry. Be alert and give it your best, knowing that others are confused here also.

Building your recognition of and relationship to the inner you is a terrific goal in the lives that we live daily in the illusion. Knowing our potential and that great emotion can be dealt with in a dignified and royal manner is a thing of beauty.

Life will seem to get gangling at times. Introspection and perspective can help us maintain a sense of dignity and grace as we remember the gifts that we can uncover as we remember who and what we are.

I pray this serves,

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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