Universal Reading 5 August through 11 August 2019 The Inner Voice Is Your Guide

Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Act: Charge forward. When we combine action with unwavering faith, the power of grace will meet our needs.

This one challenges me. I am wondering if action is really what needs to happen. I understand the concept of meditation also and stepping out of the acting world. Here is the counsel for this week. Act in faith and grace will meet our needs. One step at a time.

Vision: Pay attention. There are signs, symbols, and messages Divinely placed in our path to guide us in the right direction.

I did get some signs today. They suggested that I not be afraid to act as well. This life is still for experiencing. You have had challenges. Okay, but do not let that stop you from stepping out there and engaging with life again. Risk is less if your eyes are open and willing to embrace the moment.

Perception: See the past through the lens of grace. All that occurs is designed to support our spiritual evolution.

The lens of grace. Forgiveness, learning, I get it. It does get hard though to go out there when you get shot down on a regular basis. I almost feel like I can forgive best in my own head and heart all alone. People have been teachers to me throughout life. I have learned so much. And I do forgive in a healthier way now since I forgive Christ for the mistake that he had separated from God.

Soul: Practice good soul care. The quality of our outer life is always dependent on the quality of care we give our soul.

I wonder if sometimes the action that we need to take is to be kind to ourselves? This last card reminds me that we have a right and a responsibility to take care of ourselves. We do not have to excuse, justify, or explain to others why we are making the choices that we are, We simply have to quietly do as the Holy Spirit prompts us.


Act in faith.

According to the vision you have personally been given through those symbols and promptings that you recognize as coming from the Holy Spirit.

Have the lens of the forgiveness of the Son of God be your view upon the challenges that you have faced and even on the ones that you face today. It will clear a path as you move forward and give you comfort in the present.

Listen to the still small voice that guides you to know where you are safe and whole. That lets you know when you are going in the correct direction and when you are off base. Do not be swayed by the voices of peers or social norm. Just because millions may do it or think that way does not mean that it is right for you.

Act in unwavering faith and trust that the grace of God goes with you.

I pray this serves you.

In the name of Christ, Amen.

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