I do not like to quarrel with people and I will not debate or defend what I know. I follow the Spirit to find the Whole Truth. I use to think I could speak about it, but today I do not know. There are a lot of people out there “beating around the bush” and maybe humanity needs that for a while longer. I do know that as long as we are willing to accept suffering on any plane we will not be ready to accept what we are. I will just quietly live my life and grow in understanding till I am shown that I need to do something else. Fast or slow, humanity will not change the outcome because God IS.

36. Wholeness is the perceptual content of the miracle. It thus corrects (or atones for) the faulty perception of lack.

We now turn to the fundamental distinction between miracles and projection.

The stimulus MUST precede the response, and must also (determine) (influence) the kind of response that is evoked.

*i. e. Law of Attraction, you must be in the correct alignment to receive your desires.

The relationships of S and R are extremely intimate.

(The behavioristic terminology is because this part deals with behavior.)

Behavior IS response, so that the question “response to what?” becomes crucial.

Stimuli of all kinds are identified thru perception. You perceive the stimulus and behave accordingly. It follows, then, that :
As ye perceive
So will ye behave

(Hs raises point that Biblical language is hardly behavioristic terminology. Answer: No, but they needn’t be OUT of accord with each other, either.)

*Jesus is asking her to give herself a chance to see the Bible language in a different persective.

*We really need to back out of our boxes as we categorize things and look at the big picture. We will find that many of the worlds various teachings say the same things in different ways.

Consider the Golden Rule again. You are asked to behave towards others as you would have them behave toward you. This means that the perception of both must be accurate, since the Golden Rule is the Order for appropriate behavior. You can’t behave appropriately unless you perceive accurately, because appropriate behavior DEPENDS on lack of level confusion. The presence of level confusion always results in variable reality testing, and hence variability in behavioral appropriateness.

*It can be difficult for humanity to see their world from one lens. We want to see school in this window, work, in this window, family in this window. What a journey with the Holy Spirit allows you to do is to look with spiritual eyes on everything. This is what Jesus is showing Helen.

All forms of self image debasement are FUNDAMENTAL perceptual distortions. They inevitably produce either self contempt or projection, and usually both.

*In other words, we are not seeing ourselves as the Son of God, that we are. (Debasement is the action or process of reducing the quality or value of something.)

Since you and your neighbor are equal members of the same family, as you perceive both, so will you behave toward both.

*This is interesting and perhaps speaks of the personal opinions of Helen. Certainly, in the human condition (past and present) there have been those who do not consider all of the human race from the same family. (Could we say he meant of the same species etc., in other words we would not “typically” associate with another human as we would a worm or a fish.)

*Then again, he is saying it as a matter of fact that you and your neighbor are equal members of the same family. Very powerful statement, I suspect. It is sad to reflect on how humanity has too often, not caught on to or respected this truth.

The way to perceive for Golden Rule behavior is to look out from the perception of your own holiness and perceive the holiness of others.

*Isn’t that beautiful! Holiness is Wholeness, being one with God. What an entirely different way to engage with the world! It is fairly new to me, but it is rather freeing! My sense of responsibility and boundaries have really altered. I am currently in the process of integrating this concept/truth into my day to day life.

*It does give me a sense of comfort and wellness that is beyond anything that I have had before. This is because I do not feel responsible for how other people’s lives go. I am responsible to myself and how I think, and I assist and share where I can, but I am learning that we all create the reality that we are believing. Hence, I want to spend my energies believing and experiencing the grace and glory of God. As well as His abundance and protection.

*It is a marvelous adventure!

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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