Universal Reading 22 July through 29 July 2019 Know Yourself

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by DV

Five cards came with this shuffle, instead of my usual four. I use the cards to hear beyond the veil the words that will most uplift and describe the Christ Consciousness journey at this time. I also use cards without judgement on their makers or their opinions when they made the cards or since. I share the knowledge that I have in the moment. I give all my understanding and compassion to the reading for a sickened world in need of realizing that it is not experiencing what is true.

God IS. We are in and of Him. He has no enemy. He has no opposition. He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-present. (all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere) Here I seek to assist with the wakening to the gentler dream where Christ meets Christ in forgiveness and fellowship. And so it is.

Law of Attraction

Some throw the baby out with the bath water as they walk away from what is not wanted. We want to be able to keep the good and let go of the bad. This is where healthy boundaries come in and when you must walk away do not discount the power of prayer on others, whether you consider them your enemies or not.

The Law of Attraction has been preached in the world for 40 years or so directly by the mouth of one who I consider to be of the spirit of Father Abraham of the Covenant of the Old Testament. I am speaking of Abraham-Hicks. It has permeated all civilized cultures. It is honoring the authority of God which is what Father Abraham did.

As a child of God you have the authority to speak on His behalf in your heart and mind. And what you speak will be. Or at least, seem to be. If it is troubling and threatening, it will be. If it is peaceable and harmonious, this is what you will experience in the future.

The point is to see only God and abundance in the face of any difficulty. To feel of the love, protection, and comfort that the Holy Spirit bears witness of because God IS. And anything that does not honor that is not real.

You have the power of God at the tip of your thoughts and tongue. What will you give this world? Hope or condemnation? You hold the power in your heart.


I have not done a lot of work with crystals. I have been gifted with a witness and blessing of how Mother Earth comforts and sustains her children. She has been there with me through so many very troubling times, when no human comfort was to be found. She sustains me today through the message of courage found in the trees and witness of the river and waters as they move as they are told by the energy of gravity and the moon.

Mother Earth longs to share her energy with her children. I try to sit barefoot 20 minutes a day or longer to allow the ions from the earth to cleanse and clear my physiology and psyche. She restores me. I invite you to partake of her nourishment and give thanks in all that you consume, no matter what it is. Thanks will bless it and alter negative vibrations within.

You Are Profoundly Clairvoyant

You are a child of God. What else could you be? You are a teacher and a witness of the Son of God as is all creation. You are gifted with intelligence that is able to recognize not only physical and social matters, but energies that are unseen by the five senses.

You will be guided and prepared for any many challenges or opportunities you will have. Do not ignore these promptings and guides. You are Divine, you are gifted. It would do you well to remember that all of God’s Children are likewise gifted so that you do not lose balance in your effectiveness.

We are sent here to learn how to work together to create and cleanse, to manifest and enjoy all that the Father hath. It does not come through loss to anyone. And great is the lesson learned that giving is receiving. Seek out gifts that lift and support life, growth, and abundance for all.

Clear Yourself

Currently Christ carries the weight of the remembered possibilities of the error of thinking one could separate from God and His blessings. Fear, tradition, and customs revisit this possibility. Each of us has the ability to let go of these things not only for our own personal walk in life but for those who have gone before us and are around us. Prayer, cleansing meditations, walks in nature do much to release these negative impressions that confuse and distress Christ as He is being lifted into a gentler dream that will find us healing the earth and her inhabitants.

Heal Away Addictions

Addictions are one of the three temptations Jesus showed us after his forty day fast. Addictions cause people to chase their tails like a puppy dog, distracting them from the purpose of their being, which is to testify of Christ. Not that anything can stop that testimony. The awakening of Christ will be delayed as long as addictions consume the thoughts and hearts of humanity. Do not guilt yourself. Take each moment as it comes and do your best with it. Clear away things, places, and especially thoughts that put you in the state of lack of control.

This is the key to the witness of the addiction: lack of control. Call on the angels and spiritual guides of the flesh or unseen. It is doable. And use caution with judgement of yourself or others. We each have a role to play in this plan of Awakening Christ. All of it is good. We know this because God IS.


As you see the negativity in the world, recall also that because God IS, negativity is an impossibility. Give thanks that it is possible to live in heaven today and not have to wait for tomorrow.

Mind your thoughts and create the world you want to experience. I see a world where Christ is acknowledged and forgiven and delivered from the cross as well as the past and the future.

Honor the Earth from which your body was made. Do not make her more real than the idol she was used to create, but give her space to nurture and strengthen you and to remind you that you have what it takes to embrace your destiny.

Listen to the signs that present themselves around you that show you that you are supported. Audio, feelings, visual, smells, taste, they all add to the symbolism that show you what you truly are as a child of God.

Let go of the negatives. Find ways to transmute sorrows and hatreds, not only for yourself, but for your neighbors, and your ancestors.

Assess your addictions. Change negative ones for positive ones. Seek balance. Do not let behavior or thoughts steal your power. Make sure they raise and magnify it.

Remember that changing the world means becoming the world that you want to see.

May the Holy Spirit shine on our willingness to understand and multiply our efforts one step at a time.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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