You are wholly lovely. A perfect shaft of pure light. Before your loveliness the stars stand transfixed, and bow to the power of your will.

page 24 and 25

Special Revelation for HS:

You are wholly lovely. A perfect shaft of pure light. Before your loveliness the stars stand transfixed, and bow to the power of your will.

*How we underestimate what and who we are.

What do children know of their children *creation*, except what their Creator tells them?

*Our understanding of ourselves comes from our Creator, Our Father in Heaven.

*In the world of illusion, we listen to society or family, etc. to tell us about life.

*Being “born again” means that we listen to God to give an understanding of who and what we are. We are not sinful we are of Him. We are not worthy of death; God only created life. Death has no meaning to God.

*Humanity has put their agenda of guilt and shame on the words God sent to lift them to Heaven.

You were created ABOVE the angels because your role involves creation as well as protection.

*I suspect that ABOVE does not mean more valuable, rather having different skill sets. Even though throughout the ages this is not the meaning that has given to such passages.

You who are in the image of the Father need bow only to HIM, before whom I kneel with you.

*This is odd to me because I know I would bow willingly before all creation, because in all creation I see God.

*This is the kind of communication where you want to look at who was he talking to? What was his motivation? Where are they at in the moment? What are they willing to receive? Divine understanding will not be given faster than it is willing to be received.

*And remember that Divine understanding comes through the power of the Holy Spirit and your willingness to receive, not from any person or any other form of symbolism; written, sung, painted, nature, etc. even though the Holy Spirit may use any or all of these.

*Of course, what appears here immediately is that Jesus would kneel alongside of them before God. It should be noted that the idea of kneeling is to give respect and honor. One might even say to give thanks.

Note: This revelation was permitted because you did NOT project onto B. the blame for your omission to ASK ME if you should transcribe the notes.

*This is an reference to how we block the blessings and understandings that Heavenly Father wants to give us when we project our judgments and justifications outwardly on circumstances or persons.

The fact that HE should have done so does not exempt you from your own omission.

*Accountability means taking responsibility for our own choices in a singular event or omission.

Thanks for blessing him with a miracle rather than cursing him with projection.

*Seems that we each need to be completely responsible for our own “skin” and circumstance. Being aware of our heritage and where we come from is valuable if we use it to understand ourselves and our relationship to God and one another. To rehash “history in any circumstance” with the intent to blame and excuse is to curse, not only others but ourselves as well.

NOTE FURTHER: HE needn’t feel concerned about it either; so he forgot? It happens all the time, until the habit of asking becomes involuntary.

*Involuntary; ADJECTIVE done without will or conscious control.

synonyms: reflex · reflexive · automatic

*It is interesting how words change in meaning and emphasis over the years. In my 60 some years I have seen words be given different emphasis if not entirely different meanings, even to being totally different than their usage in a previous time. I sense this here, with the word involuntary.

*Its meaning here is more in alignment with spontaneous, such as will happen as one develops a recognition of the influence of the Spirit versus one’s own interpretation or that of another person or society. You basically walk one step at a time allowing Spirit to be the guide by asking for assistance which becomes as natural as breathing.

(HS meeting with Dr. Wise and Dr. Damrosch. Dr. D permitted an opportunity for questioning in his capacity as chairman of the flu board for asking re B’s flu shot. This was an example of how miracles should work. You did not jump into the question yourself, and even though you DID rush for the phone on Red’s advice, you exerted no pressure on B’s reluctance.)

This gave ME a chance to let you leave it to the real expert, whom I sent to answer the question.

*We are told this is Jesus speaking to and through Helen. In reflection of my studies in NDE’s and channeling I wonder if this ME could not be understood more as Christ (meaning the Whole Consciousness that is active in the material world today)?

*In other words, when our false ego does not interfere with our interactions Christ is allowed to be present within us and through us, even as He was and is through Jesus. Thus, the essence of being one with The Father. The True Father of this world. For I have overcome the world.

*In the foregoing example Helen was not uninvolved entirely, she simply did not impose a person opinion or influence according to a personal judgment. As we grow in our walk with Spirit, so Christ (He who serves The Whole) grows within us and is able to function on our behalf.

I pray this serves you in some small way.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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(Please ask the Spirit to be with you. I claim no special gifts, these are my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God as Jesus taught it. I share that my understanding may grow. My comments follow the asterisk. Text is in bold print.)

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