Archangel Power Tarot Cards R V

All four cards came out of the major arcana. I do not believe that this is common. And curiously the Solution comes before the decision. So here we go.

14 Solutions

1 + 4 = 5 which has to do with change which may or may not involve challenge.

“Success that comes from objective compromise. Self-control and patience. Forgiving and healing energy.”

Salvation is ours. It has already been received. We simply refuse to see it. As time and space lose their hold on humanity, self-control and patience will be needed even as the healing energy of forgiveness fills the void left by our self-denying hatred. It is all part of the illusion and is cause for rejoicing. Compromise will be found between where you are and where others appear to be. The spirit of peace will rest on you as a witness from Spirit that all things are working out in their proper order.

Solutions are not needed where error has not occurred. Error being the thought of separation from God. These things are only needed for what is considered time. When the Son looks upon his diverse parts and sees no separation time and patience will no longer be needed. Until then know that resolution and solutions are available.

15 Decision

“Release yourself from that which holds you back! A need to detox. Unnecessary worry based on a lack of self-confidence.”

It is easy in this world to feel helpless. Especially when wanting to reach out and assist those you love and instead being forced to witness their self-imposed destruction.

Fear takes diverse forms as well. One that I have lately is the fear of making others uncomfortable or forcing them into behaviors that are obviously self-defeating as they try to exercise their form of control of their environment on me. The fear is irrational.

Standing freely in my own space and not being knocked down by circumstances or psychological games of attack is a gift of freedom and is not welcomed by those still held in the grips of the illusion of guilt and shame.

We can choose to let go of these negative emotions and trust that all is well and that our brothers and sisters will be blessed by the light of our confidence, even as they strike out in diverse forms to prove how undeserving they are of our acceptance and devotion.

Know that the path you walk is correct.

2 High Priestess

“Powerful psychic insights. Reflection and meditation that provides valuable information. Be at peace.”

If you try to understand the world from the perspective of the illusion you will be chasing yourself in circles. Intellect alone will not guide you to your destination which is the recognition of yourself as a part of The Son and your presence in The Father.

Prayer and meditation, time in nature, allow yourself to feel the education, instruction, and witness that you need in this moment. Do not hesitate to ask your angels and guides for assistance. Jesus is available to all who call on his name. There are many other guides and yours is waiting to make themselves known to you.

We are living in the time prophesied when the veil will thin and those in the flesh will commune with those in spirit in truth and compassion. We are able to assist and serve one another. Do not deny yourself this great blessing.

11 Strength

“Strength and grace through kindness. Self-confidence. Forgiveness.”

It is alright to acknowledge your weakness. Contrary to the world’s view this is a strength. Be gentle with yourself as you are with others. You have the means and assistance to meet the goals you have set for yourself.

You are a Child of God. Do not forget this. The Holy Spirit takes whatever is going on and uses for the good of all. This is something you can count on. So do your best and then give yourself allowance to get tired or need a break and take it.

The forgiveness we want to remember is the acknowledgement that this place of chaos and confusion is not real. We are divine beings and we have all that the Father has at our disposal. Anything appearing contrary is temporary and will dissolve and lose its influence.

Extend kindness and patience to yourself and others, even as you acknowledge that things are not always as good as they could be or even down-right upside-down, and you will come to understand the meaning of the word Strength.

I feel impressed to acknowledge Archangel Ariel here. She is willing to assist us, as are many others in our walk through the illusion of time.


A new perspective is needed for the success you seek. Self-awareness, patience, and the healing power of true forgiveness found in the Miracle taught in A Course In Miracles will be required for the solutions you seek.

Release unnecessary worry brought on by fear. You are a Child of God and Salvation is yours. Release what holds you back from accepting this.

Feelings will guide you. Not emotions and not society, but a sense of this or that in the moment. Spirit will speak to you through these feelings. Take time to recognize and respond to them. Allow your witness of them and their truth to grow within you. Know that there are many unseen helpers as well, do not hesitate to call on them.

Your Strength will be recognized in the kindness and compassion that you offer others.

The first and last card stress forgiveness, self-confidence, patience, and self-control. Reveal your power in Christ, as Christ through these attributes. Let the Son of God Awaken in you.

For being a delayed reading, it spoke very powerfully to me. May it serve you as well.

Till next time, God bless, Be One.

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