Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons


Take care of the Divine that you are. Honor is a word that I recall when I think of the commandment to Honor Your Mother and Father. For several years now I have reflected how this means to care for the person-hood that you were given. Your voice and role in this “world” is important.

As you come to know the Divine that you are through Heavenly Father as taught by one of His Sons, Jesus Christ, and as testified by the Holy Spirit you are able to have courage, faith, fortitude, and inspiration in manifesting the message that HE sent you here with.

We need to hear what you have to say. Please Honor that.


You are not alone in this duty. There are angels and other spiritual guides to help you along the way. Look for them. Listen for them. Ask for them. Do not doubt you own inner voice of light.

It was understood before you came that this would be a place of darkness and confusion. Here you would find many paths into darkness. You also knew that the way of light would be clear, IF, IF you chose to pursue it.

Ask is an action word. Do not doubt its impact. Even the Will to Ask has tremendous impact and the call for assistance will not go unheeded. Your role is vital and your voice, if only shared with honesty in your own heart will bless all of creation.


Find your connection. You are a spiritual being and a physical being. Connect to your spiritual as guided by your own inner voice. Begin with what you experienced and were taught as a child and expand out from there. You chose that environment for a reason. It was the seedbed that would give rise to the voice and message within you.

Connect to Mother Earth. Respect her space and feed off of her energy and abundance. She desires to bless you as much as your Father in Heaven. You will be guided in the path to being all that you can be as you yield to that still small voice that remembers the Connection between The Father and The Son.


Coincidences and synchronicity are earmarks of heaven’s touch in our world of chaos and confusion. The Son saw error and the power of that thought created worlds without number with that potentiality.

Divine Purity and Innocence is the true state of The Son. Heaven seeks to leave you crumbs and landmarks to find your way back to the truth. Do not lose hope.

Signs of His Love for You and reminders of Your Love for Him are there everyday. Look for them and hold them in your heart as you allow them to ignite the Light within you that others will see and connect with.


Grace is the one card missing from this deck, so I have decided it is the one card that will be in this reading beyond the foundational four.

Grace is the state of The Son of God. Each of us has this inheritance. It is not something earned. It is not something bestowed. It is what IS. God IS. You came from God. You came from what He IS and that can not be altered by anyone. Not even you or God.

You can forget or hide it from your view, but you cannot change its reality.

You are loved. Period.


Remember who you are and Honor the physical world you have been given to exercise your will and voice.

Ask for assistance in this place of shadows, magic, illusions, and confusion.

Connect with Mother Earth and her ability to restore your energies for the duration of your time here. Connect with Spirit through that inner voice and the whisperings of your heart that testify of your Divinity.

Watch for guideposts, coincidences, and synchronicity that show you the direction you will receive the most blessings in.

And Remember Who You Are as a Child of God.

You are loved.

May this serve to light your path,
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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