I recently watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It reminds me of a beautiful young man I knew in my Story-Telling class at Brigham Young University whose father was from India, if I remember right.

What a precious time I had there ten years ago. Such diversity among the students. Such a rich array of perceptions, experience, talents, romance and life awareness.

It frightened me in my austere traditional Christian mindset. And “heavier” than this my mindset was “Mormonism” with fantasies of the Temple and Eternal Families, as if such a thing could exist in an eternal sense.

The only way Eternal Families could be is if God was not.
For hierarchy in His essence is not possible. And God would not love one people and not another. However the Whole Being, being family, I can relate to.

I love the messages that The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel bring us. Here are just a few:
⦁ Dream. Go for it, even if it makes no sense. Do not let age (youth or elderly) be a factor.
⦁ Imagination is greater than knowledge (in the sphere of the false-ego, which is here where we feel we are separate). Of course, Spirit knows all and touches that within you that knows all things are possible.
⦁ Follow your nose, ha ha, or your gut or intuition or whatever you call it. (You might even know it as the Spirit.) It will not lead you astray.

And my friend in Story-Telling Class at Brigham Young University? “Great Things”, those where the last words I shared with him. He had been given so many talents, resources, and diversity in this life. I did not want to define what “Great Things” meant. I only wanted him to know he was capable of whatever he set his mind to.

Today I would say that to each of those darling classmates. And to everyone worldwide, in any dimension. Acknowledge the Divine within you. “Great Things”, you decide what that means and dare to be it.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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