I said that Jesus is the Atonement and I believe that I was mistaken.

Jesus and Christ are so intertwined in our thinking that we have literally enmeshed the two and it shows in the notes that Helen took down from Jesus.

However, it needs to be understood that it is Christ that is the Atonement and that Christ is each and every one of us. Awakening to this fact gives us eternal life.

Jesus was perhaps the first to bring that comprehension into the linear context of manifestation, however, neither his body alone nor his psyche alone account for the Atonement. (I only say perhaps because I have no recall of the matter, but I do believe Jesus is the only one to have received this witness so completely and that he was the first to do so.)

The Atonement is the witness of The Son and The Father united.

You and I, and Jesus, are each a part of that. Jesus’ connection with Father was so integrated he would use pronouns that made the two one, and still does, because, in reality, that is what we are.

I pray this serves you in some small way.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

Click to access acim-urtext-2003-upe-ready-edition.pdf

(Please ask the Spirit to be with you. I claim no special gifts, these are my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God as Jesus taught it. I share that my understanding may grow. My comments follow the asterisk. Text is in bold print.)

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