Universal Reading 10 June through 17 June 2019 Tools Given To Humanity

This is a reading directed to the Christ within each of us.

The Holy Spirit is required; listen to His direction within yourself, not just my words. He will speak directly to you in a way you can understand.

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by DV

You Are Profoundly Clairvoyant

You are capable of hearing and heeding the whispers of the Holy Spirit.

What you see with your eyes can deceive as magic shows us; what you feel with your heart is real.

Do not be afraid of it. Do not be afraid to stand alone if that is required.

Smiles often hide cruelty that comes from the confusion of identity. Do not shy away from your own heritage and identity as an energetic and spiritual being.

You are of God and favored as His Son. Do not be ashamed of who you are or who we are as a Whole.

Watch for signs in nature to bear witness of your divinity. The wildlife that presents itself has a message for you. Be alert to the encouragement and comfort they bring.

Ear Chakras

Listen to the world around you. Not the guru or latest fad of thought, but the random song, phrase, or word that catches your interest. There may be a message there for you.

Do not assume you know the meaning of the words being shared. Listen, ask for clarification, then listen inside for the translation. We all speak a different language, even if we use the same symbol because we come from different experiences.

The Holy Spirit is the one who understands what is really being said behind the words of anger or apathy or even silence. Listen for His translation, even of your own words and thoughts. You may need to observe for a while to gain confidence in your ability to hear, but have no doubt, it will come.

And if you feel you must no longer follow the path another is on, that does not mean that you need to throw away everything that they gave you in terms of understanding or growth along the way of your time together.

Remember there is no true separation or betrayal. There is only confusion within the consciousness of The Son and you are part of His awakening from that confusion. That is worth celebrating wherever you find yourself.


This card touches me on a deep level. Writing has been a tool of cleansing for me. As I write my current understandings I open the path for expanded information. Writing and reading go hand in hand.

We are all learners and teachers. Our experience and witness of how we endured and/or overcame something is sure to help someone else along the way.

Sometimes it will be our peers, sometimes our children’s children’s children, and sometimes those who came before us as the peer over our shoulders and may even whisper in our ears that which helps us understand the lives we live in the here and now.

Consider writing and books tools to allow that which is unseen to connect with that which is manifest in the physical world. Humanity limits itself when it uses only physical senses.


This was interesting to me. As the fourth card in this reading it is designated as the counsel from the Ascended Masters. For me that is Jesus. The ground upon which we stand as mortals is sacred. It is of this that our bodies are made up of and it has a special relationship to us.

We shortchange ourselves when we do not set our feet upon the ground and let Mother Earth restore us. Earthing is a practice every would do well to be aware of.

There are stones that carry energies that send healing and comfort. I do not believe it needs to be a dramatic study, unless you are led to that by the Spirit. Do not let it become an addiction or crutch you lean on. It is meant to be a comfort and means of remembering the divinity within you.

The text said that we may be chrystals and that it is often children. Again, they are meant to be a comfort and means of remembering the divinity within you, a light, as it were.

I sense that this may be part of the meaning Jesus had in statement to become as little children. To be a light to the world that reminds us that we are of God, of Divine Heritage.

No matter the circumstance that we find ourselves in, we are loved, cherished, adored. We are guided and protected to the extent that we will allow, and have agreed to according to the plan set in place at the beginning of time.

Yes, I believe in fore-ordination. I also believe in choice within a range, predetermined.

I believe all are here for the righteous purpose of bearing witness that humanity is The Son of God. Even those we consider evil or wicked. (And there are a great deal more of those than we give credit to.)


This reading appears to be an overview of many tools and devices that we have been given to travel this pathway we call life.

Awareness that is within us, clairvoyance, seeing/feeling the unseen.

Hearing that which will lead us to the remembrance of our divinity and connection to God and one another.

The physical practice of reading and writing to learn and to teach one another and ourselves.

And finally, to unite with Mother Earth that she may be blessed as she nurtures her children by sharing her energy with us.

I feel blessed to have heard this message. I pray it may serve you, as well.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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