The correction lies in accepting what is true in YOURSELF, by bringing ALL that you are into light. 
*To remove yourself from the attacking projection you want to remember who you really are. A divine being.
(HS fearful of writing next part.) Cayce was wrong about Possession, and he was also wrong about hurting himself.
*Jesus is speaking of Edgar Cayce here, a prominent psychic of the day that Bill was interested in. 
One of the major problems with miracle workers is that they are so sure that what they are doing is right, because they KNOW it stems from love, that they do not pause to let ME establish MY limits. 
*This is significant to each of us as miracle workers. Jesus is the CEO of the Miracles and of the Atonement. That does not mean that all will come through him directly to get there, but he will be aware and a part of it as director of the whole. This is a role that Jesus has, just as each of us has a role in the Whole Picture. This does not make him any more different from us than anyone else. Each individual is vital to the health of the Whole Being.
While what he (Cayce) did came from Me, he could NOT be induced to ask me each time whether I wanted him to perform this PARTICULAR miracle.
*How many times do I forget to check in with the Holy Spirit or Jesus? This is why it is well worth the time it takes to cultivate a “walking meditation” where one is always listening to that inner guide that is connected to the Divine. Of course, one must be willing to ACT on the promptings one receives.
If he had, he would not have performed any miracles that could not get thru constructively, and would thus have
saved himself unnecessary strain.
He burned himself out with indiscriminate miracles,
and to this extent did not fulfill his own full purpose, and was also subject to the Scribal error I mentioned at the start.
The Disciples were also prone to this. 

The answer is NEVER perform a miracle without asking me IF you should.
*There is tremendous meaning here. One thing I have great trouble in is knowing when to speak and when to be silent. I suspect asking him would be helpful and keep me on track with the overall PLAN.
This spares you from exhaustion, and because you act under direct communication the trance becomes unnecessary.
*It is automatic when we “walk in Spirit” by following the promptings.
Because miracles are expressions of love, it does NOT follow that they will always be effective.
I am the only one who can perform miracles indiscriminately, because I AM the Atonement. 
You have a ROLE in Atonement, which I will dictate TO

Remember, you already have a point about the involuntary nature of miracles.
We also have established the fact that everything involuntary belongs under Christ-control, NOT under yours.
*Jesus was the first to recognize the Christ within himself. Thus establishing his leadership. We each have Christ in us as well.
Under Christ-control, Miracles REPLENISH the doer as well as the receiver.
*Connecting to the Holy Spirit, as Jesus did, does the same thing for us.

Possession really means “Not under Christ-Control”, thus making him (the mind?) vulnerable to projection.
*The kind of projection that attacks.
The reference to the earth-bound entering bodies really refer to the “taking over” by their own earth-bound “thoughts”.
*Earth-bound is the key here.
This IS Demon Possession.
After all, Lucifer fell, but he was still an angel. He is thus the symbol for man. [?]
*We are still light-bearers as Lucifer’s name refers to. (See previous entry.)
Atonement is the knowledge that the belief that angels can fall is false.
*We are the angels he is speaking of.
It is true that mind can create projections as well as miracles, but it’s NOT true that projections are REAL.
Any psychologist should understand this.
This is what is meant by “ The Truth shall set you free.”
*Attack or connect. The choice is ours.
*Do not be put off by Jesus role as head of the Atonement. We “connect” because we are equal parts. I, personally am grateful that I have had Jesus as a significant friend and guide at least since I was four in this life.
I pray this serves you in some small way.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

(*Please ask the Spirit to be with you. I claim no special gifts, these are my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God as Jesus taught it. I share that my understanding may grow. My comments follow the asterisk*. Text is in bold print.)

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