Universal Reading 20 May through 26 May 2019 Surprises!

Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by D.V, Read by Yvonne

Forgive: It’s time to let go of anger or blame.

Blame and anger hold us back. Give your anger to the earth or the unicorns and let them neutralize that negative energy. Are you holding onto some guilt that you think you ought to be carrying? Do you wake up with that heavy feeling because a relationship of some kind has gone sour? Do not bring that into your new day.

Begin the day with gratitude. Thank your bed and the four walls that kept you dry and safe. Give thanks for the clothes on your back and food in your belly. The breath in your lungs means that this moment you can drop all the negatives and let the light and warmth in.

Happy Surprise: Something very good is about to happen!

Anticipation! Isn’t that half the fun of a happy surprise? Be in it now. Know that good things are coming your way. Be the magnet that attracts wonderful things.

So you have asked the universe for something and things are not going quite the way you planned. Be happy and give thanks anyway. The universe knows better than you how to give you what you want and need.

Listen to Your True Feelings: Don’t let others talk into doing something you know is wrong.

Now, this is not the same thing as accepting what the universe gives you in answer to your requests. It is about knowing your own truth. Do you know how you feel about things?

Do you know what you want out of life? Do you know where it is you hope to go? To find out you have to listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself these questions. Writing them down, even if you tear the paper up or erase the document allows you a chance to see it in a tangible way.

And it is not written in stone. Just be sure that you are heading in the general direction of where you want to go and are not just following the crowd or being bullied into a certain path.

Hello and Good-bye: You’ll soon see that this change will make things better.

“Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” That is a Brownie song I use to sing. Old friends stay that way by the sharing of where you are now. And new ones bring growth and opportunity.

This card is full of positives in both directions and if you must say good-bye on a more permanent basis, at least as far as this linear existence goes, understand that there are good things to hold dear and the negatives you can let go of for everyone’s benefit.


Give away all shame, guilt, anger, and resentment. That was never part of who you really are. Forgive yourself and others so that you may see the joy in being.
Live in a state of anticipation of Happy Surprises! Celebrate every day and look for the gifts that it brings.

Listen to your feelings. Trust yourself. You are your own compass. Do not let others lead you into doing something that is wrong or does not feel right.
Have an attitude that invites change. It is going to happen anyway.

Besides, how are we to awaken, grow, and ascend to who we truly are without that invitation to let life come and go? It sort of shakes us up and allows us to see things in a different way. And there is so much to discover about who we truly are.

We are living in exciting times. We have the opportunity for growth that is tremendous. We have access to information and histories that allow us to use our intuition and common sense to make this a better world for all. There is much to look forward to.

I pray this serves to uplift and encourage you.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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