She Asked About a Life Without Giving Birth

It was in a Facebook group I belong to. What about not having children?

These were my comments and more, of course. 😉

Debi Simmons I believe that living without children of your own can be a noble life. I believe caring for any of the many unwanted or orphaned children can be a noble life. I believe that having your own can be a noble, soul-crushing, humbling thing.

I had 6, all adults now. They took me places I never would have gone without them and taught me some things I am pretty sure I would not have been able to learn any other way.

There are no right or wrong answers. It is really a matter of the heart and the gut. Every life has its purpose and value. No matter what the choices are that you make in it, know that your child will not be yours to mold for they will have many other influences as well.

If you have them, try to be with them for the first 12 years if you can as a gift to yourself and a foundation for them.

Each child added to the home totally rearranges how things will move forward. It does not end with adulthood and grandchildren are a whole other dynamic.

I do know that split families can be very hard on everyone and it does not get played out “fairly” no matter what.

It is a matter for serious contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

Financial is an issue also, though that works itself out somehow in reality.

Children are a big commitment.

It has been challenging for me. But I would not change it for the world.

Sometimes I feel really sorry for them because I did not know what this world was before I had them. I found out I had really very little influence on how things turned out and was pretty naïve (and ignorant) about a lot of things.

The world is in a major shift right now of redefining what life is and how it is best lived.

Single, with a partner, or with children are all things of a very personal nature.

It is an exciting adventure however you choose to live your life.

Many blessings are to be found all along the way. If you can train your eye to see those you will be very rich indeed.

Best wishes whatever you decide.

And sometimes the decisions are beyond our control and that is okay too. 😉

Urtext ACIM pg. 177 Jesus’ words channeled by Helen Shcupnick in the 60’s. Jesus is speaking to Helen and Bill, her scribe and helper here:

You have said that, when you write of the Kingdom and your own creations which belong to it, you are describing WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.

*She (or they) were expressing confusion at how Jesus was describing existence.

This is true in a sense, but no more true than your failure to acknowledge the whole result of the ego’s premises.

*The ego being the false identity that breeds chaos and confusion for humanity.

The Kingdom is the result of premises, as much as this world is.

*This concept is vitally important. In a paragraph prior to this Jesus says that projection, while of the ego it creates fear, it is still a must in creation and is redefined by the Holy Spirit. Premises of the kingdom being previously defined truths and understandings asprescribed by God (Source, Universe, Creator, The Big Bang, etc.).

You HAVE carried the ego’s reasoning to its logical conclusion, which is TOTAL CONFUSION ABOUT EVERYTHING. 

*For those who ask “why the suffering”, here is your answer. The ego’s reasoning leads to contempt, jealousy, envy, scarcity, mayhem, murder; in the heart, if not in reality. Total confusion about everything.

But you do not really BELIEVE this, or you could not possibly maintain it.

*In other words, our souls are aware of the truth that we are eternal and blessed. The false ego just keeps us distracted with bells and whistles and so on that, we do not “get” it.

If you REALLY saw this result, you COULD not want it.

*Because we really want and desire abundance and joy, being that we are of God.

The ONLY reason why you could possibly want ANY part of it is because YOU DO NOT SEE THE WHOLE OF IT.

*Who takes the time to look at the big picture? Currently, we are either taught to see nothingness in the NOW or finger-pointing political, societal, or familial distractions. And then there is the fear of death and maintenance of the body that consumes us because we are currently convinced we must die.

So just where do I stand right now on the concept of new birth? Children?

I see life’s purpose as 1 forgiveness for our error in believing this nonsense and 2 clearing out the cobwebs of false identity and association that separate us from one another and from God, and 3 finding that still place inside that knows beyond a doubt so that this energy may fly through all confusion, dimensions, and time to correct the error of The Son.

I would almost say no more kids, period. They are not toys or puppies. Let’s take care of who is here and correct what is so out of place. Let’s get rid of the hatred and division, the lust and oppression, the depression and find the joy in being instead of grasping and flaying about, happy only when we convince ourselves we are not as “bad as” or “bad off as” that guy over there.

The only reason I say almost is because, just maybe, the next child born will have just the right personality, circumstances, and inspiration to get us out of this mess. I still lean to thinking we need to just stop and correct this situation. That does not mean annihilation and starting in the same confusion, it means taking the time to “wake-up”.

Someone has to do it. Will it be me? Will it be you?

Note this is my feeling about the matter today, this 24th day of May 2019.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


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