Day 18 Urtext ACIM pg. 21 Miracles praise God thru men.

Day 18 Urtext ACIM pg. 21
26. Miracles praise God thru men.
*Because Miracles make us all equal and in remembrance of who we are IN God.
They praise God by honoring his Creations, affirming their perfection.
*I believe that this means the whole of Christ Consciousness.
They heal because they deny body-identification and affirms Soul-identification.
*Accepting our own divinity.
By perceiving the Spirit, they adjust the levels and see them in proper alignment.
*Of equal value before God.
This places the Spirit at the center, where Souls can communicate directly.
*Spirit alone can share truth from what I have seen.
Miracles should inspire gratitude, not awe.
Man should thank God for what he really is.
The Children of God are very holy.
The miracles honors their holiness.
 God’s Creations cannot lose their holiness, although it can be hidden.
*Hidden through ourselves and through the society that we are born into, etc..
The miracle uncovers it, and brings it into the light where it belongs.
*In other words, we are meant to remember our divinity.
Holiness can never be really hidden in darkness, but man can deceive himself on this point.
*Misperception is our challenge.
This illusion makes him fearful; because in his heart he KNOWS it is an illusion.
*Is it possible that this fear is what clouds the true communication between the Whole Consciousness of Mind of Christ?
Like all illusions, he exerts enormous efforts to establish their validity.
The miracle sets validity where it belongs.
Eternal validity belongs only to the Soul.
The miracle acknowledges only the Truth.
*I suspect that there was a lot of this discussion left out of the published ACIM because it was not really comprehended by Helen and Bill.
It thus dispels man’s illusions about himself, and puts him into communion with himself and with God.
Christ inspires all miracles, which are essentially intercessions.
*Christ, which means the whole of humanity, as The Son of God.
They intercede for man’s holiness, and make him holy.
*Intercede=to intervene on behalf of another. To clarify, miracles do not make him holy. They reveal his holiness.
They place man beyond the physical laws, and raise him into the sphere of celestial order.
.*There are really no “different orders” there is just one. It is man that divides things. There truly is one only one whole.
In this order, man IS perfect.
*This is who humanity truly is.
pg. 22
The Soul never loses its communion with God.
*The Soul meaning your true essence.
Only the mind and body need Atonement.
*I suspect that this is for time alone. In fact, Jesus does say in the course that the Miracle is for time, because in eternity it is not necessary or required. This is also how we are released from time here and now.
The miracle joins in the Atonement of Christ by placing the mind in the service of the Spirit.
*I tend to think of the mind of each of us as a muscle, or maybe a cell, in the body of Christ.
This establishes the proper function of mind and abolishes its errors.
*I am gaining a witness that it is the Holy Spirit that is the active part of the Godhead here. God IS. The Son Is, as well. It is the Holy Spirit that brings the two in alignment or brings The Son in remembrance of The Father. Bringing The Son back into eternity and out of time.
*Is it possible to go there in one’s heart, even while the body meanders along in time? I am beginning to suspect so. It is actually a joyful place to be.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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