Ego Mirages Versus Holy Spirit Understandings

I put this up because as a mom it hurt me to see abuse in my adult children’s families in any form:
Be Safe Be Honest Be Respectful
To Self To Things To Pets To Others
Disrespect and abuse are not difficult to spot. They come from the ego that believes in lack.
In the state of Spirit or walking in the light of the Holy Ghost, we know that things are okay and that it will work out because we are of God.
From this place, we might make errors, but we forgive ourselves and each other and do not walk in a perpetual cycle of belief in lack that breeds the place of envy and hatred.
One of the saddest things that can happen in the world of ego is for a mom to witness her child asking for help while at the same time refusing to accept it.
I love my children, all of them. Some allow me to exist in my own skin, some do not. Some have expectations that I cannot meet and that often are not even shared so I do not know what is expected of me.
I was not welcome in the family of origin that I had. There must have been a place I had as a child under 4 years that valued me. I remember pretty dresses, lots and lots. Today I suspect they may have come from Aunt Sharon.
Somebody took lots of pictures and there were even home movies made, but they have been long since lost.
When drugs overtook my dad and step-mom my world became a place of secrets. I see that place of secrets happening to my grandchildren as well. The child sees the dynamics of a family. As a child, you either hide what is really going on or break up a family.
And gramma’s cannot help. The children eventually understand this and no longer look to her for help. Visits with my gramma were rare and ended in great sorrow as I recall.
Even in the case of sexual abuse, you have to get the child away from the perpetrator or you risk a greater tragedy. The ego will do what it must to preserve its false identity.
Punishment is not the answer. Respecting and honoring personal identity is.
I have spent my life looking for and trying to create a family.
Today, I finally understand that you cannot do it with bodies or people, egos are unpredictable and fickle.
Bodies decay, what God has joined let no man put asunder (separate). It must be understood by the heart, by the spirit of each of us.
No one here is wise enough to sin. The most we can do is make a mistake, one of the worst and universal is that our body identifies who we are.
Families are a false creation of the ego to give, at best, a temporary sense of belonging.
The Holy Spirit can and does use the family metaphor to teach of the love of the Father to the Son, which we are each an extension of.
Manipulation is the best you get in the ego, a temporary fix because that is not what we are. An individual family is a false identity anyway. We are ONE, a single entity. Accountable for sustaining the integrity and voice of each component.
Until we claim our individual sovereignty and accountability for our own being we will suffer a lot. At our own hand.
Joy lies in the presence of the Holy Spirit that testifies of the true identity of humanity, as a part of God. God does not cast a part of Himself off as useless or unnecessary. He knows what is not eternal is not real at all.
So my mother’s heart will cry when I see the suffering of my children, knowing I am not able or allowed to help. But my eternal soul will delight in the witness that they are God’s and He will provide what they need and all that they are willing to receive from His hand.
May we speed up time till we remember this, that our suffering may be less, is my prayer.
In the meantime, I will remain in South Dakota and bear witness of the dignity of the individual.
My brain blanks at times and I know that I do not get the clues that my children leave that say I can come in. I cannot stop that. I have worked on my delusions all my life and will continue to do so.
I sense that they think that certain things should be obvious to me, but I cannot account for what they think I am or ought to be at the moment. I can only be what I am and try, most of the time, to be the best that I can be.
That’s really all I got folks!
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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