Universal Reading 13 May through 19 May 2019

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by KG Read by Yvonne

Snake: Shed Old Skin

Letting go of what has not worked in the past. Releasing the past of its negativity. You can see the negative events and still let go of the negative view of them. In ACIM, we understand that The Miracle is seeing only what is real. Negativity and hurt are not real. And if someone does not understand this yet and insists on walking in that path. You can choose to not participate in that.

Here is a personal example:

Shunning was something I did not condone. To punish someone by ignoring them in any form just seemed so wrong to me. I grew up being mocked or shunned into correct behavior by a significant female in my life. I do not want to do this to someone else.

Yet, I have found that I must simply remove myself from a situation sometimes. I do it with intent and for the purpose of not attacking or allowing an attack. I realize now it can be seen as the same behavior as shunning.

I think what I want to remember is that a person feels unsafe when they shun, rather than that they are shunning me personally.

That is not the way I wanted to live in the world. I wanted everyone to be able to be nice and no one to feel left out. But this is not possible. ACIM is helping me to understand the workings of the ego and that to feign “niceness” to persons who are making me uncomfortable or not to feel accepted and worthy is to enable their fraud upon themselves.

Whereas if I take care of my own boundaries and comfort level I am an example of self-care and am not attacking or enforcing their particular form of attack on themselves. I am really new at this understanding, though I see now that I have done it for years, as in divorce. Hmm, deep things, worthy of contemplation. (This is why I write, I want to continue my own self-discovery.)

Druid: Hold the Space

Druids are ancient wise ones from the British Isles who were very connected to the sun, moon, and Earth. Here we are being counseled to be still, to hold the space.

As in the previous card, there is a lot of turmoil going on. It is in the thoughts, which translate to action in the world. Holding space that is true to our comfort level and healthy boundaries is what is being called for here.

For decades we have been encouraged to have more, be more, make more money. Even if it is for sacred purposes such as having time for the things that really matter and saving the world from its current issues, we are still off base.

The internet is rampant with such promises/ads. I have fallen for it for a few decades myself. The dream that a few do make it big or seem to is enticing. I see it as gambling today. Especially when they continue making their money by getting us to fall for a false dream as well.

It is irrational to think that the earth can sustain everyone living on the beach and freeing the masses to be able to do the same.

A true principle fits for everyone or no-one. We are a society of human bodies that have mortal needs that must be fulfilled by someone. So to think internet multi-million dollar businesses are the only way to go is not logical.

Those “carrots” out there are like mlm’s that have a few that reap great rewards and others that trudge along hoping to find that magic as well.

I would rather hold the space for a sustainable, simple life of craftsmanship that serves in their local community rather than a global market. Because this is where life is lived and not just “survived” by the masses. Those who teach it are not truly fulfilled either. You can see it by how they push themselves further and further by doing this and doing that to their market share fresh and enticing.

Do not think I am shunning wealth. I personally think that it has its own teaching tools and prepares us for continued growth, which I hold as a jewel beyond price.

I do ask could we hold the space for a healthy personal boundary that allows all to be who they are and trust that this will serve the masses the most?

Knight: Be Brave and Honest

The knight is dedicated and devoted. He serves not only from a position of strength but of devotion.

It will take courage to be true to our inner voice and sense of well being as the world points fingers at others and defends the obscenities it flings at one another.

It will take courage to let go of the responsibility of “fixing” someone who is not willing to honor themselves.

It certainly seems to go against the “Christian” way of doing things. Yet, Jesus did not do for others what they could do for themselves. And he held his own space, which is why he could perform the healings that he did.

(It was when he thought he could take the anger of the masses upon himself and be of influence that he was crucified, as were thousands of others in that era of fear-government that the Romans enlisted.)

Jesus said we would do as he did and more. ACIM says we can do this as well, but we have to believe it can be done.

Will we sustain the ego’s illusion or the Kingdom of God? We each will have to make this choice. Which has your allegiance?

You claim this power when you have become wholly vigilant for God AND the Kingdom.” Urtext ACIM pg. 159

Elder: Move Beyond Ancestral Patterns

Genes do not rule. Not in the body and not in societies. Generations of like behavior and genetics do not need to define us. This is a scientific fact.

“The Elder is the ancestor who comes with a message of healing change.”

Because you are of God you have the ability to move beyond what is placed upon you.

You create your own story.

Our challenges and supposed limitations are opportunities for us to think outside the box and be reminded of the heritage we truly have as children of God.

The Elders do not wish you to be burdened by their mistakes. They, like you, have forgotten that there is no separation from God in any form. Forgiveness of them for mistakes that have no true substance, allows you to accept forgiveness yourself.

We are able to let go of paths that no longer serve in truth without dishonoring our ancestors.


If the Christ Consciousness, that component of the human mind that is of God, is to move beyond its current status, humanity will need to stop, alter its thought patterns and thus its behavior.

Not dramatically, like in a war, but right where we are today.

We will have to shed the skin of the ego and reveal the Kingdom of God within, that each of us carries at this very moment.

We will need to hold the space for the witness of equality among all of creation. Beginning with the right to “be” and exist in a healthy and satisfying environment. This would include self, and others, as well as all of the earth and its inhabitants.

Courage to sincerely look at what we personally believe will be required. It will be challenged with the opportunity to justify attitudes we know that do not serve everyone equally. A devoted Knight we must be.

Our past as a family, community, nation, or planet does not have to define us. We are able to honor our ancestors without walking blindly in error. They are counting on us to alter what is not true.

On a personal note:

As I have aged I have found that life does not get easier on the outside, but as I look at, reframe, and reorganize on the inside by how I look at what I see, I feel a foundation forming that is stronger and more and more resilient.

Life presents terrific storms for those I care about and it seems I can only stand by, watch and pray. I rely on the Holy Spirit because I do not know the beginning from the end. I have no memory or witness of the “big picture” like He does.

I would be lost without Him. Yet, in Him, I have confidence and assurance that all is well. We can trust the process and do our best. We are being taken care of and looked after.

I pray this serves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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