Day 17 Urtext ACIM pg. 20 Revelation Versus The Miracle

Man is free to believe what he chooses.
*And what he chooses will be what is seen in a manifested way. Because:
What he DOES attests to what he believes.
The deeper levels of his subconscious always contain the impulse to Miracles, but he is free to fill its superficial levels, which are closer to consciousness, with the impulses of this world and to identify himself with them.
This results in denying himself access to the miracle level underneath.
In conscious actions, then, his interpersonal relationships also become superficial, and miracle-inspired relating becomes impossible.
*One might say he is “of the world”, where the one able to perform the Miracle is “in the world, but not of it”.
Miracles are a way of EARNING release from fear.

*Earning. Not a very acceptable term today in terms of how to get to heaven. But NOTE the definition below. It is a movement word, an action that moves something. Somehow, that is different to me than the notion of our “earning our way into heaven”, as if we were responsible for getting there. Yet, if we are of God, which we are then, yes, we are responsible for taking the action (really a shift in thinking) that gets us there or at least away from fear.

Revelation induces a state in which fear has ALREADY BEEN abolished.
Miracles are thus a means, and Revelations are an end. In this sense, they work together.
(Tell B. that miracles DO NOT depend on Revelation. They INDUCE it. He is quite capable of miracles already, but he is still too fearful for Revelations.)
*When we receive revelation, we often want to second guess ourselves because we feel unworthy. Christ’s Guilty Conscience leaves us with this feeling of unworthiness on a very deep level which we may or may not be aware of.
Note that YOUR (HS) Revelation occurred specifically after you had engaged at the visionary level in a process of DENYING fear.
Revelation is intensely personal, & is actually not translatable into conscious content at all.
That is why any attempt to describe it in words is usually incomprehensible, even to the writer himself at another time.
*Interesting that this reminds me of the experience of many near-death experiencer’s that claim they gained all this “knowledge” and yet are not able to express or explain it for the inability to do so once they return. Perhaps it is not because they have forgotten but because as a revelation it is an integrated sort of thing. This is witnessed as it often has a huge effect on how they live their lives thereafter.
This is why the Book of Revelations is essentially incomprehensible.
*Okay, this from Jesus himself.
Revelation induces ONLY experience.
*I really appreciate how Jesus patiently defines words several ways, so we have a chance to absorb what he is saying.
Miracles, on the other hand, (*pg. 21) induce interpersonal ACTION.
*Action? In changing perspective? In choosing to see something in a different light? In choosing to take the initiative to forgive a seeming occurrence because it is impossible? Sometimes even in layers, for generations of misconception? It would appear so.
In the end, these are more useful, because of their IMPERSONAL nature.
*Miracles, impersonal, because it is a universal shift of viewing your life.
In this phase of learning, working miracles is more valuable because freedom from fear cannot be thrust upon you.
*Miracles invite the freedom from fear. They are the conductor for that release if you will.
When it is as in Revelation, The experience cannot last.
*That whole first phrase was crossed out by Bill. “When it is as in Revelation”.
*For me, it fits, but who am I? lol
*When freedom from fear is thrust upon you, as is Revelation, which is just given, freedom from fear cannot last. Whereas, when freedom follows the Miracle, it lasts as long as the understanding or acceptance of the Miracle does.
*The Miracle stops fear, but it does not stop the emotional experience of witnessing people who are still in the illusion of “body belief” and separation.
(Tell B. that your propensity for Revelations, which is very great, is the result of a high level of past communion.
*Apparently Helen had experienced Revelations often since she was able to be in touch with her higher self and she trusted her intuition. She was not agnostic, like Bill. She was an atheist and had learned to trust that inner voice as if it were her own. This is also the voice of the Holy Spirit spoken of in scriptures.
Its transitory nature comes from the descent into fear, which has not yet been overcome.
*The only reason she did not stay in the state of Revelation (it was transitory) was that she would become fearful. And Jesus is suggesting this is overcome with the Miracle.
His own “suspended” state mitigates both extremes.
*Suspended = temporarily stopped or altered/mitigates = to make something less. He had not been aware of Revelation or the Miracle.
This has been very apparent in the course of both of your recent developmental patterns.) Miracles are the essential course of ACTION for both of you.
*This is what they had been asking for in their agreed search.
They will strengthen him and stabilize you.
* i.e. Miracles meet your needs wherever you are at in the moment.
(Note that the much more personal than usual notes you are taking today reflect the Revelatory experience.
*Note was underlined. This note is to Helen.
This does NOT produce the more generalizable quality which this course is aimed at.
*For ACIM to meet the needs of the Whole of Humanity, nothing but the Miracle would do. They both had to “be there”. Bill had not stepped into the Miracle as yet. Even Revelation, which is so personal, was not enough.
They may, nevertheless, be of great help to B. personally, since you asked for something that WOULD help him personally.
*Here we see it was Helen who had concerns.
It depends on how he listens, and how well he understands the COOPERATIVE nature of your joint experience.
*This takes interaction to a whole other level. How often have you experienced cooperation on the level that Helen and Jesus were seeking from Bill?
*This may be indicative of all Miracles. This is what I am seeking in writing this. A Cooperative understanding among humanity that will literally change the world. It is the transition and awakening we have been waiting for. I do not believe we have it yet, but I do believe that ACIM has the answer.
You can help only by reading this note first.
*First was underlined.
Ask him later if this should be included in the written part of the course at all or whether you should keep these notes separately. He is in charge of these decisions.)
*Here Jesus is showing that Bill has an active part in this work. Showing us we each must have a voice in the process.
(Tell B. he should try to understand the VERY important difference between Christ control and Christ-guidance.
*To begin with Jesus alone is not Christ, however, it appears that Bill and Helen are not aware of this as yet. Let’s look at this though. It is very relative to any human interaction. Is anyone able to control you?
Are you able to control anyone? Even with the Holy Spirit, it is guidance that He gives. Not control.
*Even those who are bullies or in power, even a criminal, only can impact the body or at least seem to. The mind is yours to control. The choice is not taken away, though we give it away easily enough. It is a matter of listening and taking things with a grain of salt or with an observing eye and then move forward.
This is what made him fearful yesterday.)
*Per the rest of the conversation, he was not able to get a revelation that he desired.
*We are on a magnificent journey to remember our absolute and unbreakable union with God. It will not be forced on us and we will rejoice once we get there because the sweetness of that union is beyond anything experienced in the “here and now”. Maybe in the “over there” as well. Chuckle.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~
(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it. I share that my understanding may grow. My comments are as follows: (*…) The text is in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

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