Universal Reading 6 May through 12 May 2019

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by C. B-R. Read by Yvonne

For the Christ-Consciousness, the United Whole, not to be confused with the mass consciousness of the self-destructive ego of the human race.

The Raven: Magic, Coincidence, Synchronistic Events

Magic happens in the realm of unreal. Brought on by belief in what cannot be explained. We live in a world where magic reigns. It can bring about both that which is pleasant and that which is very much the opposite.

Your thoughts determine your beliefs. The old beliefs, even subconscious ones are able to be reviewed and given up if found wanting.

The world is very much in this state and how long we are here depends on our willingness, not only to see what is presented in the management of our thoughts but the reviewing and purging of that which no longer serves.

The Frog: Cleaning House, Releasing Emotional Baggage

Another way to put what I felt so impressed by in the first card. Clutter in the environment, head, or heart needs to be reviewed. If positive and supportive energy is not experienced, it is time to let go. Nothing real leaves permanently.

We are all One, yet sovereignty is experienced as we take responsibility for our journey. recycle, move on, let go, and let what you hold onto for unsupportive reasons serve a purpose elsewhere.

Then hop to the new lily pad, light and free. Be sure you do not just give it away and hold onto it in your heart or mind.

The Wind Faery: Thoughts, Words, Intellectual Analysis

We are looking at the thoughts once more. Are they reflective of where you want to be? Are you giving thanks for where you are right now?

Do your words reflect what you want? They do reflect the truth of where the heart is.

Choice is the privilege of the intellect. Consider your options and move forward in thought. Let it peel like an onion. It may not reveal all you desire in the time you decide but it will release the resistance to receiving what you truly desire a layer at a time.

Moving forward is what matters. Do not judge yourself. Do choose to act though. Effort in creating a strategy will not go unrewarded.

The King: Man, Authority, Male Sexual Energy, Things Pertaining to Law and Justice

We are in a place right now where things are really being stirred up throughout the world. The status quo is no longer accepted.

Everything is being challenged. Laws, education, our very way of life.

This card is not talking about male body parts. It is speaking of the energy that says “I choose to be.” In the past, it was acceptable to let others decide for the masses. This is no longer going to be a functional reality.

Instead, we are each going to need to play our role with greater awareness in creating the world environment that we desire.

This card is for the Whole Christ Consciousness and it speaks to each one of us individually.


We will see with greater regularity the results of our thoughts through synchronistic and coincidental events.

We will gain a realization that we need to decide what we want and be accountable for the clutter we hold on to.

We will recognize with greater clarity that the problems in the world are not just “over there”, they are right here, at home, in our own thoughts.

We will have a greater sense of our own empowerment individually and through our leaders that will affect the rules of our engagement in the world.

Individual accountability. Individual empowerment equals a stronger, healthier environment for all. This reading truly shows that the human race has potential and endless possibilities.

And so it is. I hope this serves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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