For example, if the identification is with the body, consciousness may distort superconscious impulses by denying their Source, & seeking their impact in the orgasm.
*Distortion of superconscious impulses. Denying their Source. Isn’t that interesting. I know that once sex enters a relationship all other cognitive capabilities are gone. But like other addictive substances, its results do not last. I also know that a sexual relationship takes place in the mind. It has to do with what you tell yourself.
*Yogi’s have, for ages, told us there is another meaning to our sex drive and energy, and that it is not so far from Nirvana.
This is the result of the “mistaken identity” confusion.
*The idea that we are bodies instead of energetic personifications of God in the flesh.
If you will look back at the description of the EFFECTS of Revelation (This and preceding paragraph go later) Revelations induce complete but temporary suspension of doubt & fear.

*That moment of clarity when we know we have received something beyond our day to day selves.

They represent the original form of communication between God and His Souls, before the intrusion of fire and ice made this impossible.

*Opposition, i. e. The Fall.

It should be noted that they involve an extremely personal sense of closeness to Creation, which man tries to find in sexual relationships.

*He is still speaking of Revelation here, which requires real communion or co-union.

This confusion is responsible for the depression and fear which are often associated with sex.
Sex is often associated with lack of love, but Revelation is PURELY a love experience.

*Is that at least in part because it unites, i. e. gnosis? For me, revelation is pure knowledge received from the Holy Spirit, not of one’s own mind or thoughts, or of any other “entity”. (This is a reference to channeling, which I obviously acknowledge.
Physical closeness CANNOT achieve this. As was said before, the subconscious impulses properly induce Miracles, which ARE interpersonal, and result in closeness to others.
*Not necessarily physical closeness, but a closeness one can feel.
*Empaths who are not aware of the mechanism that is foundational in ACIM, are often left overwhelmed with the impact of their witness of the suffering in the world in its many forms. Recognizing and acknowledging the suffering in the world is necessary to create a desire to alleviate it, i. e. compassion. True forgiveness acknowledges its impossibility.
*ACIM gives the understanding and ability to psychically and emotionally detach from the downward energy while promoting compassionate response where it is accepted.
*It can be tricky to balance not interfering with the contract of suffering another has and still be compassionate. If you get too close to one who has agreed to suffer harshly. the only thing you will do is be dragged into that suffering cyclone. Our greatest assistance may be lifting ourselves, that others may follow our example.
*This is why the course is so needed. And may I remind you of something that public teachers of this course do not understand. This is a required course. Whether you learn it from this particular book or the Spirit guides you to get the information some other way; ALL will take this course before we rest.
This can be misunderstood by a personally willful consciousness as an impulse toward sexual gratification.
*Okay, please HEAR this. A personally willful consciousness is body-centered, a body focused consciousness. In other words, spirituality can deeply touch you in the esoteric world of non-body. It can cause you to feel a state of sexual arousal. You may feel like you are craning to get every sensory awareness that you are capable of. Do not be afraid of it; observe and breath. It is not necessary to physically embrace whoever is close by. Breath and observe.
The Revelation unites Souls directly with God.
*Nobody taught us that in school, did they? Did you know that in the Church of Jesus Christ that the soul is taught to be the body and the spirit united? So, Revelation unites body and spirit with God? Meditators have said for eons that meditation leads to the greatest orgasm. We have to be careful in giving definitive meaning to Jesus’ use of the word Soul here. We want to be sure we have his meaning.
The Miracle unites Souls directly with each other.
*Hmm, body and spirit? Yes, but not necessarily in a sexual way. You see? We do not need to be in an all-out orgy to feel connected. Think of disasters where communities are brought together. Though sadly, this can bring out deviant sexual behavior as well. It is a state of confusion.
*Sex, if truly understood, is actually a poor substitute for what humanity could feel toward each other, if they were taught about the true nature of these feelings of ecstasy.
*And our darling teens get siphoned off into addiction and false societal mentality that sex, which of itself is non-fulfilling and not residual energy, will somehow set them free. What a lie.
Neither emanates from consciousness, but both are EXPERIENCED there. This is essential because consciousness is the state which PRODUCES action, though it DOES NOT Inspire it.
*Revelation and the Miracle do not come from the consciousness but is EXPERIENCED there. Consciousness or thought, produce action; action does not occur until a thought enters.
*Excuse my musing for a moment…are we pre-programmed to suffer, with the ability through Revelation and the Miracle, to undo said programming? I suspect that might be the case. A way out of the Matrix.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~
(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it. I share that my understanding may grow. My comments are as follows: (*…) The text is in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

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