*Full Disclosure: I am of the understanding that what the body craves or desires is not something that is eternal. Therefore to me, things like eating and sex are not truly a part of our eternal natures. They are symbolic metaphors for our true identities and the confusion we are facing. Also, I am not going to speak to any singular expression. This discussion is to consider its current impact and role in humanities bondage and deliverance.

Sex is a topic everyone is interested in, even if only via curiosity. 

It is a powerful entity, as marketers well know, it moves the human to action.

We tend to think of it as the backbone of love. 

We believe that it personifies our aliveness, our vitality. 

We are ashamed to look at our feelings and emotions because of societal attitudes about the topic. 

We dress up for it. 

We dress down because of it. 

We use it to express our rage. 

We use it to comfort ourselves and others. 

It can become a measuring stick. 

Sexual attraction is thought of as something that we should “act” on or suppress. 

It somehow makes us feel alive.

It can feel shameful. 

Maybe even so shameful that the only way to express it is in anger and rage. (rape) 

It is shunned and suppressed in some circles. 

Flaunted and focused on in others. 

It is the quin essential component that sparks both love and hate in all its variations. 

Once one has been exposed to sexual contact there is a sense of knowledge that occurs.

Sadly, it can become the substance of the wall that a child builds up against the world that makes no sense.

The child and youth are still in remembrance of the place of power that they come from and sex reminds them of that place.

Instead of being a catalyst that allows them to return to the memory of their true divinity they are self-sabotaged and trapped in the illusion that the body is the means of deliverance.

*I speak of this as a child caught in such a trap, by the misconduct of adults in my life. There are plenty who experience it as curiosity among peers as well. Perhaps I would have been among those as well, had the course of events not occurred as they did. 

With our true consciousness waking up, it is understandable to imagine that sex would go crazy. Like a drug, it can be misused in varying degrees. It can also be satisfying, useful, and comforting, even though temporary.

The gay community, transgender, heterosexual, all of it is the reflection of the ego seeking to connect with bodies.

My heart and mind have been opened and I have no qualms with where people are in these things.

I have gained compassion and understanding of the many forms of sexual expression.

We have to look beyond these physical confusions or seeming realities. 

What we want to understand though is that we are not bodies. That is not what we are. We are gods. Energy within the creator that is able to manifest anything and we do it collectively first, then singularly.

Even then, in the singular sphere, I suspect that there is great influence from multiple sources. Jesus being key among these.

As the eldest brother, he is mindful and aware of our experiences. With the Holy Spirit, he is aware of the past, present, and future. There are many others as well that influence the state of humanity.

That does not diminish our personal power. Only we can deny that. We cannot remove it, we can only choose to forget it.

When will psychology look at the human race as if it were one mind instead of millions?

The individual ego is like a decoy that distracts humanity from its truth.

We are one entity. One mind. One personage. And we have not left the presence or embrace of our creator.

The individual ego or life, if you will, can give clues to the awakening that needs to take place in each and every one of us.

In ACIM Jesus says sex is an idol that seeks to replace the connection that we have with each other in truth.

The Atonement was given to us as soon as the concept of Separation occurred to the Son of God. At the same time the veils of denial, shame, guilt, self-debasing thoughts and behaviors became a part of the human race.

Only through forgiveness and tolerance will we find answers.

Sex titillates, distracts, consumes, pre-occupies the mind of humanity.

This is an energy that is misunderstood and when seeking physical relief or orgasm, becomes a target or excuse for the three temptations of humanity i.e. addiction, oppression, and depression.

It is never really satisfied either. Planted with these soils.

Occasionally, you will find persons with compassion and gratitude as their motivation in these endeavors. I really do suspect that this is far from the norm and I obviously have not conducted any scientific research to prove my theories.

Sex is also what gives us our children and what separates us from them as the shame of such behavior lies in the subconscious and forges a wedge between parent and child. Sometimes understood, often not. (This may vary in different cultures. I suspect it may have some universal resonance, however.)

I could go on and on and perhaps will another day. For now, this is food for thought.

These are personal observations and insights. You decide if they have any merit. May the Spirit bear witness to what is true.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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