Universal Reading 29 April through 5 May 2019 We Got the Power

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by RV Read by Yvonne

I was slow in my reading today only because I kept hearing my daughter ask “Are you still reading the cards?” The answer to the question would help her decide her form of interaction with me. (My interpretation.) I know that I have “lost face” in her heart. I am no longer the “Molly Mormon” being the quin essential example of repentance and piety that I have tried to be in the past. It saddens me that this must be for a time, but I know that the illusion will pass and all things will be restored to their beloved order.
So here we go.

Five of Emotion

Challenges due to resistance to change bringing opportunities. Discomfort can be the catalyst for moving out of an identity that no longer fits and into a new and improved “being”.

This card is about forgiveness and moving past the grief and into the joy. Honor yourself and the circumstances you find yourself in. Make appropriate decisions to put yourself in a “safe” place. And then let it go, knowing God IS and because that is so, that which brings sorrow is only in this time and space of illusion and is given as a clue to go inside and find the truth, the divine within you.

Your story is but a role you agreed to play in the subjugation of the Son of God to suffering. It is not real. Your role in it is not real, it is only a guide devised by our eldest brother to bring us back to the knowledge of our true selves. He stands ready to assist you out of the illusion, even as you forgive him for placing you in it.

Seven of Action

If we are of God, is anything that happens beyond ourselves? Is what we struggle with not what goes on within our own hearts and minds? Are we not the ones who have chosen to believe that we are worthy of the separation from All There Is?

There will be an end to the suffering. You will know when to say “No”. This is not our heritage.

Determination to stay the course is signified in this course. We shall overcome, one of us at a time, until we are all united. Jesus has made this step, he asks us to join him. No one will be completely saved and free until each and every one of us is.

Take the action today and your choice affects thousands.

Ten of Emotion

By offering kindness, forgiveness, and understanding, we open the gateway to unconditional compassion and gratitude. These are the ingredients that will prepare the space for God to bring us into His embrace.

True endings that lead to new beginnings. This card is for the universal consciousness and ego of Christ. Unitedly, as we extend these attributes, in sincerity and hope, we will affect the changes we profess. The results will be determined by the desires of our hearts.

5 Embrace Those Around You

As you release the old grudges and expectations you will find yourselves coming together and being able to accomplish the goal of restoring the earth to its paradisiacal glory.

Fear not being “alone” in the physical for a time, because nothing is further from the truth of who you are. And who we are together. This card reflects the ascended master’s personal words to us. Jesus and all others are each a part of the Whole that we are and none are greater or more important than another. Their ascended position is only that they understand this sooner than the rest of us.


Right away I see turbulence in the emotions and an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. And bringing true endings that lead to new beginnings, as we clear up our perspective on who we truly are.

Having two fives suggests that there is more than one area in our lives that are becoming uncomfortable. Change produces a form of anxiety. A choice can be made to choose excitement at the possibilities that change can bring. This turns fear into a catalyst for growth and renewal.

The theme of kindness and forgiveness flows throughout this reading. The inner work and decisions have already been determined. Do not let this be delayed any longer. The joys and rewards await us. The time it takes does not matter. Do not feel you must rush others. It is coming together as it was planned.

For those who are ready and willing, they will speed up the process and shorten the time of perceived suffering. All is well.

While this is a universal reading, the energies of myself reflect and reverberate throughout the collective, as is the case for each of us. We are in a place, a fork in the road if you will, that has been brought about through prayer for answers to the real questions of why is there suffering if God is real.

The choice and change are ours to be had. God will allow His Son to BE whatever it is he believes himself to BE. The change will occur when we remember our birthright.

I pray this serves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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