I want to write about what my understanding is at this time. First off, Easter is a celebration of fertility and sex. It was adapted by Christians many years after Jesus’ death into a celebration of the resurrection or eternal life.

I consider Christianity, including in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to be a political answer to accommodating egos in physical form until they chose to remember who they truly are as eternal beings. The Church of Jesus Christ has the most comprehensive outline for the ego to live by cooperatively and is to be commended, in my opinion.

Jesus has been my friend, guide, companion, big brother since I was tiny. He still is the chief one that I listen to and follow. He is my protector. I have a picture of him above the doorway into my apartment because there is power and protection in remembering him.

I would gladly bow and kneel before him. I would gladly bow and kneel before anyone else as well. Even those whose behavior seems to be that of an enemy to myself or themselves. Christ is who you are. It is who I am.

Jesus asks for us to kneel at the altar of that remembrance as he has.

That does not mean that I will not argue with Jesus or anyone else about life as I understand it through what I understand as the power of the Holy Spirit.

I just read in ACIM where Jesus tells Bill that to withdraw from others is to forget Jesus. I do not believe that this always applies. Perhaps it did in that scenario with Helen, Bill, and Jesus, but I know and believe Jesus would agree, that there are times when one needs to allow physical distance.

We are so quick to take one phrase out of context and make it a code we live by. This is a trait of the ego.

There are those so consumed by the ego and self-debasing that they must crush everyone in their influence or within their sight to believe they are alive. I have not discovered the way to alleviate this illness and find that the only way to have healthy boundaries is to keep healthy physical and emotional distances.

Brene’ Brown’s work on vulnerability and shame is done for the ego, from what I saw in her special and the little bit that I have read of her work,  and from the place of the ego. The reason I say this is because she says that vulnerability cannot be done alone. I suggest that staying alive is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and deserves credit.

Thankfully she has not traveled that road yet, but chances are that she may before her life is over. It is a difference in the life experience between us. She touches a lot of people and reaches them where they are at and I am glad.

She talks from the place of being allowed to be among people. There is a whole population that is not going there, but that is pulling out of the interfacing place. She touches it at times but then she slams people doing it on their own and I hope she sees that so she can expand her research and assistance to humanity.

Being real with yourself is the greatest form of vulnerability. It is where real growth and evolution happens. Not like the ego in piling on accolades and accomplishments, but by unveiling and revealing your best self. The true self that knows its oneness with humanity/Christ and God.

Spring, New Growth in Old Places.

Because in both shame and vulnerability lies the idea of the worthiness of love and that taps closely to the belief that we have in Separation from our Creator and being left on our own.

I have no doubt, however, that our Oneness exists and prayers are offered for us as a Whole.

I want to share a paragraph from the Urtext ACIM which speaks of Christ:

Urtext ACIM pg. 113
The first coming of Christ is just another name for the Creation, for Christ is the Son of God.

*This is the Creation of all of us. All 144,000 of us that make up the thoughts of Christ as he began his self-awareness. Before the making of the earth in physical form.

The SECOND coming of Christ means nothing more than the end of the ego’s rule over part of the minds of men, and the healing of the mind.

*We only have one mind. That which believes otherwise is of the ego. The ego is a false identity that finds itself in primal fear because it identifies with that which is not eternal, which is the body.

*The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seem to have conquered that dilemma by acknowledging perfect and eternal bodies after resurrection. However, they also identify with time and judgment as those who do not meet the standard are cast into lower places.

*Which, at first seems logical, I suppose. Like attracts like and you would want to be around those who “think” as you do. Yet, if we are truly one there cannot be levels of any form in truth.

*I suspect that there is a place of truth where each of us recognizes who we are and our allegiance to one another. A realm where we have gratitude for the brother that we have in each other.

I was created like you in the First, and I am reminding you that I have called you to join with me in the Second.

*At this point, I suspect that humanity will ultimately come together in the end as Christ, a single entity within the Father. It is not up to us to define what we truly are, that is God’s right as our creator. It is up to us to recall our identity as his and under his care.

*I believe that Jesus, as our eldest brother, devised the Plan of Salvation for the children of men and spirit. I understand it and believe it was created out of a false belief of our place of need, lack, and separation from God.

*As such I offer forgiveness to Jesus for the suffering we all get to experience and yield to his plan knowing I have no loss. Currently, I sense a greater communication with those beyond the veil and those who cannot speak through their egos in this world.

*Maybe I am crazy. I continue to search, ponder and pray. That there are answers, I am sure. That all is well, I am sure. That I seek to unveil our true relationship to God, I am sure. Beyond that, I look to Jesus to understand the role he would like me to play at this time and trust that the Holy Spirit will direct my path as he has here to fore.

Like much of the world, I rejoice in the new growth, the warmth, the bursts of color, and the songs of the birds. I wish you a most beautiful spring.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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