Archangel Power Tarot (RV) Reading by Yvonne

Six of Gabriel

We have truly done a wonderful job as a species in raising our awareness of false teachings of abuse and neglect being acceptable. Harmony is being created as we recognize that we can function well with less. We are appalled at the abuse of the land and waters of the earth. We are able to move into new ways of helping our existence and relationship to Mother Earth, the unseen legions that wait to assist us, and find joy in being.

10 The Wheel

Changes are still coming. For those who understand that humanity is clearing up false beliefs, the change will be seen as positive and necessary. Look for the positives that come from the change. We have asked for these changes, even if the change is to stop the intense “doing” that you have been used to. It is positive for the evolution of the Whole.

1 The Magician

Angels are nearby to help you with your projects. You have what you need to move forward. Move forward with confidence. You are more prepared than you realize.

Nine of Ariel

The basics of life have been tended to according to your assignment/contract/plan. It is time to look inward to the spiritual side of life Surround yourself with beauty, whatever that may mean for you.


Believe it or not, harmony and success have been yours. Enjoy where you are and understand that there are more adventures to come. Keep your eyes open. Well deserved doors will open.

New beginnings and end of delays will lead us to a greater sense of joy.
The archangels and legions of others are waiting to assist us in preparing a world where more individuals are empowered and able to recognize their own influence on the world we see.
Overall, a very positive reading. Spring is here as well and hope and rebirth are in the air. Do not sit on your haunches and do nothing unless that is what you are instructed to do. Perhaps your gift to the whole consciousness is to be at peace. If prompted, move forward with confidence. Hard work is rewarded. Do not be shy about enjoying and observing the beautiful things in life!

I pray this serves.
Till next time, God bless, amen.

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