Hummingbirds and Promises

I was cleaning my car out and talking to the Lord, while in Washington last spring. I told him I would need help to know what to do and he just better be there. Then I saw the hummingbird, north of me by about 6 ft and 1 1/2 ft above my head. It hovered for a few minutes and then flew away.

Half an hour later I was working on the same discussion/prayer while tidying my vehicle and told the Lord I would need his guidance and there was the bird again. In exactly the same place, just as I expressed the same desire. I knew it was my sign.

The waters I walk through today are thicker, in a way, than when I was a child, because I have the memory of life’s experiences with me and it is not easy to know decisions I make hurt others. Sometimes that cannot be helped. I am grateful for the truths I have found and I walk in a place that protects my center equilibrium, so I feel like I have my head above water.

Today has been an emotional one and I wonder, do I have the strength to do what I believe I am suppose to do. And who shows up, but my little friend, the hummingbird. Same color and intensity, from Washington even.

Coincidence you may say. Well, you are welcome to your opinion.

I choose to believe that someone is helping me along the way and that there is a purpose to all things.

We all have our stories of challenge and moments of bliss.

May God give you signs along the way that you are not alone in your journey and that you are loved.

To God be all glory, in Jesus name, amen. Namaste~


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