Universal Reading 18 March through 24 March 2019

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

Sacral Chakra

You are highly sensitive right now. That may be chemicals, feeling toxicity in relationships, or sensitivity to situations locally or globally. Orange is the color of this chakra and your health requires making good choices. Self-medication, confusion, and numbness are some of the ways the body deals with this overload. Ask Archangels Michael and Raphael to help you detox mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically.

I know that I have been feeling this influence. Is it the way the stars line up in Mercury Retrograde or is it the ebb and flow of the energy of this world. A way to keep it topsy-turvy and to keep us off of our toes? Probably both.

The Spirit will support you and guide you through these times. Be sure to nurture yourself and let Mother Earth help as you send the excess energy into her and allow her to transmute it into something whole and healing.

Visualize Success

See yourself doing well and having a positive outcome. Breathe. Let life happen. Do not judge it, do not become entangled in the insanity. Just breathe and know that you have purpose and you are fulfilling it. Do not try to put absolutes or specifics to your being. Know that your being is valuable and breathe in gratitude for the opportunity to participate, while breathing out you release all that does not serve.

Power Animal

You have animal guides assisting you at this time of confusion and evolution among the human race. The animals walk closer to Spirit than does humanity. Visit a quiet place in nature and as your animal spirit guide to visit you.

I feel the pets of yesteryear close by at times. I am grateful for their company. They comfort me.

You Are Profoundly Clairvoyant

Trust your inner guide. What you sense is more real than what appears to be obvious. Watch for signs around you that you are not far from divine help. Call on them. Follow your instincts and take care of you. You are not hear to save the whole world. They have their guides as well. You must be willing to let others fall, that they may get the muscles they need, just as your challenges cause you to reach inside for the truth of your own personal value.


Sensitivities are high right now. Be patient with yourself and others. If things do not go the way you want to or even if you lose your cool, be kind to yourself. Do what you can to repair and move on. You were never meant to be everything to everybody.

Animal energies are nearby, seen and unseen. The birds, returning and pronouncing spring bring the promise of newness and that you have a song to sing. Perhaps you have felt the dragon energy as they come to assist humanity at this time. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a fur baby as a companion/pet. Celebrate that blessing with gratitude.

Our third card has a picture of a lady eating a fruit from the tree and I cannot help but think of the fall in the Garden of Eden. Visualizing success means to know that all things have their purpose and meaning in the Universe. God/Source, is not wasteful and these things, even the ones that seem bothersome, are for the benefit and blessing of His Child, of whom you are a part.

Tradition and social norms guide us to understand the world, but to understand truth we need to be able to step outside those paradigms and ask ourselves if we were sent to alter the norms. Especially if we see the suffering and hate/ambivalence that keeps us stuck.

Trust your intuition and look for signs outside of the norm that tell you that you are being guided. You will not be guided to harm others by truth, but you may be prompted to “chill a bit” and let other’s follow the path that they choose as well.

We are not alone friends! Our challenges are seen and understood. Listen and act on that inner voice that leads to your highest good.

I pray this serves.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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