17 March 2019
Sadly, a woman was reaching out in her grief at the loss of her brother-in-law on a group I follow on Facebook asked this question today. Another young woman, who is close to me, asked me this same question a couple months ago, when the daughter of someone she cared for at the local nursing home killed herself. Then there was the sister who stood in front of an oncoming train in a local community. Suicide is not an uncommon occurence now, if it ever was.
Our children are encouraged in this behavior by deviates online and elsewhere. I grew up in a household where that was the go-to answer for a step-mom that was living in hell. It is no wonder I picked up the monkey and had it on my back most of my life. So it is a question I do not take lightly. And over the years I have come up with some answers that I feel strongly about. This is the comment that I left on her post: 
If that was a rhetorical question and you just needed to express your pain, I extend my condolences and send angels to comfort you. If it was a real question, read on, at the risk of looking at life and what you thought it was just a bit differently. ……………. delete it, if it offends, blessings always, Yvonne…….…….
Why do people attempt suicide?
Thinking our purpose is something other than it is … lack of hope in being true to ourselves … thinking others have anything to do with our happiness or well-being … chemical mess-up that we agreed to … agreement to be a wake-up call to the people who will be most influenced by this occurrence … these and more and any combination thereof, brought on by Christ’s Guilty Conscience … which each of us has been sent here to release
… we confuse sexual attraction with love, when what we are seeking is connection, which we already have because we are all one but Christ’s Guilty Conscience threw us out of that memory
… love is of God alone and we have convinced ourselves we are separate from God, ergo, we are not capable of love in its fulness and settle for seeking cheap and short-lived substitutes which we convince ourselves are the real thing because otherwise we would all lose our sanity and end our lives, only to find we are still there, without a body, and determined to come back here and do it again until we figure out,
this is not life, it is a nightmare created by Christ, put into place by Jesus, who is the first-born in spirit and creator of the plan of right and wrong, sacrifice, and redemption
which is impossible because everything that God makes is eternal and perfectly innocent, so sin is impossible as is death, and
we are here, in the flesh, to wake up Christ by forgiving him for making the mistaken assumption that he could have separated from his creator and father.
As we understand this we become a light that triggers the memory that each of us has within us that knows that the only truth is that God IS and anything that does not reflect that is not real.
And that is how I feel on the matter on this St Patrick’s Day, 2019. May you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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