Day 11 URTEXT ACIM pg. 19 Jesus Needs No Atonement, Why?

**see Urtext ACIM link and disclaimer below

The reason why YOU come before me is because I do not need miracles for my own Atonement, but I stand at the end in case YOU fail temporarily.

*Jesus in spirit is our eldest brother. If this is true, and I believe it is, he would have no one to forgive anything of (which is pre-requisite to the miracle) because his being came about first and directly from the creation of Christ whose creator was The Father, God.

*Because of his position is this delusional, linear timeline, he is able to assist us all in ways just a bit beyond what any of the other of us can do. He has a unique and unmatched perspective as the first. Each of us, in our own way has gifts that bless those around us as well. Jesus’ just happens to be a bit more universal than most of us. Do realize though, because we are energetic in our truest state, we do effect all others, including Jesus to some degree. So do not underestimate your own power.

*In the paragraph following about the Special Explanation, Jesus states that to “atone” is to “undo”. As first, being of the illusion, he would have nothing to undo about his being, were the rest of us do. This may have been where the idea of the virgin birth came also, because he, in spirit, was not of any union. 

*Let me clarify here that I have no conceptual idea of how the others came about in the spirit world. Did Christ just think up another and another and Jesus oriented and organized them in the spirit world? I have heard no possible suggestions or revelations on this. Only that Jesus was first born in spirit and that all things have been created in spirit before they are created here. 

*My sense is that Jesus, himself, is the brains behind most of the organization the world is based on, which may suggest another reason why he is so involved and available to everyone.

*I have some understanding of being the eldest as I was so, in the household I grew up in. I also observed similar emotional behaviors (such as the need to protect and even idolize, their youngers) in my children. I suspect that a male would have the distinct edge of wanting to lead and prepare a way that may be different than the females goal to simply protect and nurture. 

*Bear in mind that Jesus also carries the psychic DNA of Christ’s Guilty Conscience, i. e. that of self-sabotage. Until this is recognized and forgiven we will continue in the cycle of suffering. The Son’s will would be done. He would be allowed to “imagine” a reality where beings had separated from God and all the diverse and insane ways that those beings could mess up themselves. Did he draw up all the particulars of this world and make the blueprints of who would do what where and when and how? Could it be, he does not need the atonement because he is the creator of it. 

*Jesus was in charge of the destruction of the human race and for its atonement. He is the foreman, the coach, the CEO, and so on. This thing we call life is not ours but the confusion of our creator. We are the ones on a mission of love and mercy, even though it seems quite the opposite. We each took roles where we understood what we would be up against. We were then in a place without form, knowing form was only temporary and we agreed. We also knew there would be an end to all of this insanity. And that it had no real or lasting effect in any form of negativity. I suspect that kindness continues and is a part of the never-ending law of creation that The Father, God put into place when He created His Son. Be careful what you call kindness from our earthly perspective also, I do not think it will be the same in eternity.

*Please note Jesus may stand at the end of the Atonement for you, because he also stood at the beginning. We agreed to this insanity and are all equally invested. The compassion of Jesus is great. It is well to remember that he is not whole until we each are as well. This does not take away from who he is, but maybe it lifts us up to where he is, because we are on the same level. Yep, I just said that my Church of Jesus Christ associates. And I stand by it, in my testimony at this time.

SPECIAL EXPLANATION: (In response to HS request re possible corrections.) 

*I love this statement that shows the working relationship between Helen and Jesus. The words in parenthesis would have been written by Bill since he was the acknowledged editor of the Urtext. HS is, of course, Helen. I find it interesting to note Bill’s use of “corrections” rather than clarifications. Not a big deal I suppose, still interesting to me.

Change the word “sin” to “absence of love”. 

*Isn’t this awesome! I think so! “Absence of love”. Just think about “Go, and sin no more.” would be “Go, and remember love is always with you, in you, about you, a part of you, you.”

Sin is a manmade word with threat connotations which he made up himself. 

*Made up by man! This is where Jesus, me, and this text have been in a rumble for a couple of weeks. 

*I would acknowledge that sin was originally made up by Christ, The Son, as an attack upon himself at creation, when he thought he abandoned or disobeyed The Father. And this information I got from ACIM. 

*Manmade, okay, in the context that all are in and of Christ. Jesus, as the eldest of us would have defined it first.

No REAL threat is involved anywhere. 

*When humanity and/or Christ (meaning individually and collectively), “think sin”, there is an intrinsic need for punishment. It is part of the very word. 

*This is absolutely contrary to all that God, the Father is, does, or stands for. Even when you mess up in your eyes, or in the eyes of the collective, it is only a mistake that can and is being corrected.

*The challenge of this text, as with any other communication of truth, is that everything is happening at once and until huge numbers remove their perception from a linear place we will have to recognize that boundaries and laws will still need to be honored in the meantime or until perception is corrected.

I pray this may serve you,

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

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