23. Miracles are a part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which, when completed, is the Atonement.
*Doesn’t this make a lot more sense than one person taking the punishment for everyone else? Everyone has a part in the Atonement.
*Interlocking chain is really important in this statement. We are united and this chain reveals that unity. Mormons do that “chain thing” but they do it by family -sealed for eternity- and then, if you do not tow the line you are removed from “The Family”. As a parent myself, I no longer buy this concept. I still know, feel, ache, and pray for them. My connection does not end because my children do not want me in their lives. Nor when, they want me, but won’t allow me to be.
*The completion of this “project” is when all of us have a witness of who WE are as The Son, THE Christ, and will be taken up by the Father and restored.
This process works all the time and in all dimensions of time.
*It is totally comprehensive. I wonder if one of us does the work it may be energetically sent to those we have created and perhaps beyond? I suspect so.
(e.g. given of HS report rewrite for Esther! Esther had hurt something you loved, by writing a report you regarded as very bad. You atoned for her by writing one in her name that was very good. Actually, it was not your responsibility professionally to do this, but because you DO love the Shield you recognized that in this case, you AREE your brother’s keeper. While you did not cancel Esther’s sin (later defined as “lack of love”) you DID cancel out its EFFECTS. 
*In this case, Helen AGREES, that she is her brother’s keeper. This is unusual because that is a classical “Christian” protocol. Jesus is bringing it to her attention to show their similarities, despite what she may feel at the moment are so many differences. He is connecting with her on “common ground”.

Someday I want to tell Esther that not only is she forgiven but that the effects of all her sins are cancelled. This is what I have already told you. When I can tell her, she will be afraid for a long time, because she will remember many things, consciously or unconsciously, including the Shield report, a lack of love which you cancelled out in advance by a miracle of devotion.
*This is a personal event in the life of Helen. I suggest that she followed her intuition out of compassion for the work they were involved in and perhaps, for Esther as an individual.  
I am in charge of the process of Atonement, which I undertook to begin.
*Jesus started the Atonement by the thoughts he had while in the pre-existence or spirit world before any of us came to earth in a body.
My Atonement was for the canceling out of all sins (i.e., lack of love) which human beings could not otherwise correct.
*Why could human beings not otherwise correct this lack of love and how did Jesus know this? Because he was the one who laid out the clarity of what was sin and what was not, (from the context of Christ’s Guilty Conscience) and this, while he was in spirit and as first born of the illusion.
*Was the use of “My” a pronoun that may have been used by Helen as she struggled with the understanding that Jesus speaks in a “Oneness” identity? Or because of his closeness to the Christ, creator of this illusion, and his witness and knowledge of the reality that we are all one, did he communicate that way.
*I suggest that “Our” may have been a more correct transcription. Jesus does explain that each of us must participate for it to be accomplished. Or was it really the “role” of Jesus to take it on himself? I am not sure. I can see it easily being either way or both.
That is what the Biblical statement “underneath are the Everlasting Arms” means. (HS explanation: This means that He will backstop whenever human miracles will not suffice for atonement purposes.
*It is kind of like saying, “The buck stops here”. As our eldest brother, he has certain privileges that the rest of us do not. Remember that while we speak of Jesus as an individual differing from ourselves or to say more plain, we think of ourselves as separate individuals, we really are only one entity. 
However, it is perfectly clear that when a person can atone by miracles, both giver and receiver are atoneing. It is
better to atone this way because of the mutual benefits involved.)
*Both are benefited and he continues to explain how it does, in fact, reach him as well.
“Inasmuch as you do it unto the least of these, my children” really ends with “you do it unto yourself and ME.”
*We are use to hearing it “least of these, my children, you do it unto me.” When we here of Jesus speak of himself with high regard, it is easy to think he is lifting himself up. But I do not believe he is, he just speaks in the unified term of “I” for the whole of humanity. “You do it unto yourself and ME.” Because we are ONE.
*PS This begins with the second #23 in the Urtext. It is not always easy to find clear breaks without making the post too long.
TIll next time, God bless, Namaste~
(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)

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