The Light: Love or Unity i. e. Connection, Offering the Miracle to Jesus

Thoughts while working on URTEXT ACIM

When I study ACIM I have random “understandings” or thoughts that I get, that cause me to seek the Spirit to confirm, and that often change the way I view the world.

I also like to record my testimony as it stands today, in other words I do not like to keep things to myself, because I do not know when my time is up and I believe in the power of testimony in the flesh.

I originally put these in with the URTEXT ACIM post and then decided to make them separate so they did not confuse things.

You do not have to agree with anything. I am just saying this is where my journey is taking me.  

These things threw me for a loop for a few days. It is not like they have not occurred to me before. It just hit me kind of hard. I think I do not want to let go of the “bigger than life” image that I have of Jesus. And I have a deep respect for the fact that my words may influence others. I do not wish to take away the reason for their faith.

The only thing that allows me to put up this post is that I have dedicated myself to having an “eye single to the glory of God”. I “have to” reach for the truth, as I understand it today, and let the chips fall where they may.

Please invite the Spirit to be with you as you read.


Because ACIM teaches us that we are Christ’s thoughts and he believes himself separated from God in this lost moment that we call time, I no longer “buy” the idea that the light that surrounds Jesus, or even in the NDE, is love in its completeness.

Remember you and I are a part of Christ, just as Jesus is.

What I have observed in channeling situations, as well as my NDE studies, suggests that the light is not fully comprehensive either. And if they are still willing to come to time they have not escaped it yet either.

I am not saying that NDE’s do not get the understanding of the reason for this world and time. Though it is not remembered completely upon returning. I question if they have complete awareness of all “being” for they are still outside of God’s full/true presence. This will not occur until each of us fulfills our part in the Atonement.

Jesus, as the first-born in spirit, bears witness personally of our absolute oneness and unity. We would naturally be drawn to this with great emotion, as described in many NDE’s.

What I am saying is that what is being mistaken for “love”, because of our human context right now, is really unity, connection, and wholeness which is obviously very powerful.

I have to admit that this thought “rocked my boat” for a few days and even now, blows me away. Yet, it has to be true if all this is illusion, and the concepts taught in ACIM are correct. 

It is only fair that I share these things with you so that you know what is at my core belief system as I share my thoughts weekly on the Urtext ACIM and with my Universal Readings. It becomes a part of me and comes out in my writing.

We suffer according to the plan that was laid out by Jesus, with The Father of this world who is Christ. (This is who I believe appeared to Joseph Smith Jr. in the First Vision.) Jesus is the one who set up the rules and said, if you follow me, we will get through this; I will get you all out.

This coming, of course, from the goofy self-sabotaging thinking of Christ’s Guilty Conscience where he thought he had separated from The Father, God/Source/Highest Self etc..

It sounds like the role that Lucifer played in scriptures I have studied. Which would be consistent with the teachings of projection in ACIM.


I have compassion for Jesus and I wish to end his suffering. He is as much a part of the reason for the work I do as are each of you. Makes it sound like I am placing myself above him doesn’t it? It places him as my equal. Which, understandably makes us who thought of Jesus as The Christ, cringe!

Forgiveness is the lesson of ACIM. To forgive the error, which could not have happened because we could not have left God’s presence. I forgive Jesus for his part in the plan of guilt, punishment, and separation. 

This way I offer the Miracle to Jesus, with all my heart. 

I am not really sure anyone has done this yet.

Perhaps Helen did. She took him as her peer, albeit a “confused and egotistical one”. Did she understand, witness, or live the depth of what he taught, as a Christian would? No, instead her heritage lived the effects of his being known as the Son of God. Helen is of Jewish descent.

Did she forgive him for “his” part in the damage that was inflicted on her ancestry and still is today? Will you, if that is your heritage? Forgive him because it really could not have happened at all.

Not, because it did not happen in reality, within the illusion. It did, and terrors were experienced by millions, but this is only a nightmare of The Son of God and all of its horrors will be erased.

I mean no ill will or disrespect to those who have suffered in those horrors any more than any other suffering this world of illusion has seen.

Our deliverance from this confusion requires that we give up the reality of our suffering.

Each and every one of us.

Develop healthy boundaries. Let trust be earned. But do not “remember” just to hold on to the illusion of separation and abuse. Attack is the term often used in ACIM. Let attack lose its sting.

I accepted for many years what was handed down as tradition, or the understanding of “the norm”, of Christian thinking in the society I lived in.

At 27 years old I was taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that Jesus is our eldest brother in spirit. That would make him the first of the “thoughts” of Christ in ACIM.

This would explain his gifts of closeness with the Christ, who is at the “head of the Matrix”, the “Chief Saboteur” of this illusion we find ourselves in because he believes he left the presence of God. He is the one who believes he can earn his way back. And he cannot, because he never left.

Christ, the god of this world, is who awaits our forgiveness truly. And it is in this that all of creation will be set free. 

I understand that this is a concept that challenges everything that we “comprehend, believe, and understand” about our beloved Jesus, as Christians. I do, however, believe that it is an important concept to understand if the healing is to really take place that has been prepared for humanity since the beginning of time.

Do not think that this takes Jesus out of his place in my heart as the big brother and savior that I have always thought of him as. Quite the contrary. I adore him and appreciate all his attention and compassion, even as I realize he may be in charge of a lot of the suffering we (seem to) find ourselves in.


Regardless of what one thinks about the virgin birth of Jesus in the flesh, I suggest that the virgin birth was first in the pre-existence, not on earth. Jesus, as first of the thoughts that The Son had in the instant of creation, was not the product of two non-real spirit beings, minds or even “bodies” coming together.

Jesus was the first thought of Christ as Christ accepted his own being. Actually, it would be after the thought that Christ offended God, The Father, by separating from him.

You are a child of someone. You were brought into being by another individual. Did you not grow into a place where you felt separate from you parents, then siblings, peers and so forth. We all did. If you were lucky, you found you were in a group; a family, a village, or some sort of community. However, you were one of many, not a part of the whole you felt you were as an infant. 

Well, so did Christ, or rather, Christ did first. You had to learn you were separate because when you were born you did not know that. You are taught it, life or the illusion seems to force you to accept that fact. 

I do not know if I have lost you yet or not, but did you catch a glimpse of what I am trying to say? We are of the body of Christ, along with Jesus, as Christ is of the body of God, The Father. There is no separation, no chance of offense, no way any portion or person may be lost or forgotten.

As we allow the Holy Spirit to bear witness of this truth we will find ourselves in a state of peace like none other. I suspect there was a moment when you felt it. I saw a *C. S. Lewis biography the other night and he said something like, “I felt this happiness, occasionally as a child and later in life, when I accepted Christianity. I will call it joy. It seemed to come from no where, it just was.” That I believe, is what I am trying to share with you here.

*C. S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia 2005 TVPG Special/Biography

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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