Universal Reading for 25 February – 3 March 2019

Loving Words from JESUS by Doreen Virtue
Artwork by Greg Olsen

The Universal Reading is intended to speak to the Whole Consciousness of humanity, which I know as Christ. Let it serve individually and unitedly in as far as we are willing to receive.

First Card: Be not afraid, only believe. (Mark 5:36) Picture = Jesus walking two children over rough rocks by a stream. He carries one in his arms.

What sweeter words could be given at this time when public voices seek to create tension and fear on a global scale.
Be not afraid.
Fear = false evidence appearing real.
Only believe.
Believe what?
That God IS.
That’s all.
From there you can find real answers to questions.
I am not saying that you can make sense out of nonsense.
But you can find the reason, and even purpose, of the nonsense if you know first, that the only truth is that God IS.
How can I say this? Because I have found them.
Second Card: Thou shalt love the Lord, your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. ( Mark 12:30) *It concludes with: “and with all your strength: this is the first commandment.” Verse 29 reads: “And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord.” Picture = A breast shot of Jesus with a white mantle over his head and shoulders and holding a staff.

The first commandment. Why? Because Jesus knows that God IS. Or was it that he knew that we ARE? Was his close connection with the Father of Christ? Or was it with the center of the Matrix, The Christ? In my heart, I sort of believe, that it was The Christ. Yet, in the flesh he was gifted, as we all are, the ability to know we are of God, of love, of that which brings joy.

He was connected to all the voices that came before. I believe that he was what we would call psychic. He knew the hearts of those living as well, so he had a bit of telepathy and observance. Meditation was not a foreign thing to him.

Was he speaking of himself? You shall love the Lord, your God? I do not believe so, anymore than that we should love ourselves and one another. And yet, is that not contained in the commandment as well?

The second commandment is like unto it, to love our neighbor as ourselves. Perhaps Jesus was teaching, in the first commandment, to love ourselves as Lord? To recognize our own divinity. Blasphemy, you say! And so they said to him. But think about it. If God is Omnipresent (Everywhere), Omniscient (All-knowing), and Omnipotent All-powerful), is there anything else that we could be?

We may, for starters, need to see God outside ourselves. I bear witness that as you grow in understanding God, you will find you cannot separate Him from you. I personally learned this through two key ways. One was trying to obey the commandments, as I understood them through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts there. I studied repentance, which is changing habits of behavior and thinking. I taught the principle.

I learned about how we justify and make excuses for behavior, for ourselves and for others. I was a slow student. But I did not give up the journey. It was my lifeline.
Now that I am over that “hump”, it is not exactly smooth sailing. I can see God in everything, but I also recognize the confusion of the Son who believes he is anything but with the Father. That confusion attacks. And when it wants to draw others near it tends to suffocate the other one way or another.

And who is going to listen to me long enough to know what I am trying to say to them? This knowledge can be isolating, even as the knowledge of its truth brings comfort. It also brings the understanding that we simply cannot be separate or separated because our bodies is not what we are.

I said there were two things that taught me we are one with God. The second is my children. I found out that I would wait as long as necessary, eternity, if I must, for them to understand that I love them and nothing can interfere with that. Nothing they say, do, think about me, or anything else. Would God do any less?

I recently read the story of the Island of the Blue Dolphins, written by Scott O’Dell. While it is fictional, it is based on a true character known as The Lost Woman of San Nicolas. It is a fascinating story and I would highly recommend it. The point I want to bring out here is that she had been on an island for 18 years, alone except for the animals, sea creatures, and birds.

Two characteristics that were noted about her, in the weeks she was among people before she died of dysentery, were that she smiled all the time and that she sang.
I suggest only that “happy” is what we are meant to be. And that we are meant to lift our voices in praise, whatever that may mean to us.

Of course, right now, it is a private matter. Yet in our hearts, we can experience the joy and celebration, no matter what is going on around us.

For me, the picture with the white mantle and the staff suggests our personal divinity. The staff shows that we are not alone, that we have assistance. I would recognize this as the Holy Spirit.
Third Card: What things you soever desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. (Mark 11:24) Picture = Jesus with a staff, over-looking a river that curves, while two white doves fly in the sky.

Sounds like the Law of Attraction does it not? We create the world we see with our thoughts. When you walk with the Holy Spirit you walk in a continual state of prayer because you are looking to his assistance and voice to guide and direct you. That means that you are able to quiet the voices that come from everywhere else and hear the Holy Spirit, for He does not shout.

The world is yours, many opportunities are available, so suggests the mountain top and the vast view before him. Even though, the path may prove challenging. I wonder though, if the vastness is without or within. Where I am now, I believe that it may be a bit of both, but primarily within.

In our thoughts and hearts we look at the world in apathy, hostility, ambivalence, or peace.

The choice is ours, yet the two white doves are suggesting that a peaceful outlook is to our advantage. The staff is firmly in his right hand, suggesting to me that the Holy Spirit walks steadily with us as we maneuver through the world inside or outside.
Fourth Card: All things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. (Matthew 21:22) Picture = Jesus in a wooded grove, with a large staff in his right hand and holding the hand of a young girl. They are looking each other in the eye with smiles on their faces.

There is water in the background. Flowers around the tree line, suggesting an abundance of moments of joy to be experienced. Jesus holds the rod or staff firmly, though relaxed, in his right hand. Again, that spiritual guidance and support.

There is darkness in the trees suggesting there will be times of challenge and uncertainty, but the light is definitely there and maybe the greatest light is found between the two. Jesus and the child looking at one another friendly, rejoicing, you can see light on both faces.

The little child is about five years old and she carries a doll which symbolizes to me the hope in posterity or children. Jesus, himself, is not the hope, but what is knows about his own identity and yours is.

This is why we can call on him and look to him as our elder brother and a friend. I know that I knew him as a child and I have a relationship with him that I would trade for no one.

I want to speak specifically to the role we play as children. And we all are, no matter what our age.

As children we are taught in the heritage of our parents. We do not know at the time that they are more confused than we are as children. As children we accept that we are loved by someone, something greater than ourselves. We are taught that we are not acceptable and that we must fear the world and most of all, ourselves.

We cannot blame our parents, because they went through the same process.
If I had children today, one thing I would teach them is that the world is filled with hate. That this is an illusion and that it is not what we are made of, but it is what this world is made of.

I would tell them that their best defense is to go within themselves and find the love that dwells inside of them. The self-love. True self-love is not afraid of others. It extends itself whether it is received or not. It knows that this is all there is.

This allows the child to learn the skills necessary to travel through a world of hate and its many guises. A few being greed or hoarding, envy, contention or bickering, just for the sake of bickering, and defeatism or expecting failure.

Like the singing Woman of San Nikolas, being happy is not a conventional or acceptable way of being in a world created through and for self-hate. A child, or anyone, needs to find ways to recognize and take pleasure in their joy often in a more private way. This is where the inner world is so important to understand.

These things do not come naturally to children. Well, they may come naturally, but they are often quickly forced to deny them by caregivers, or peers. Even if they are taught of love at home, the school environment, that most societies insist on, will force them to put them aside like the beautiful Irish accent or anything else that makes them different from “the pack”/mob/society they find themselves in.

Ask for things of light. Observe the dark in the world and in others. I do not support the “not seeing it” theory. It is real enough and does affect us and cause pain in this illusionary world. Just do not dwell on it, do not let the darkness be your identity.

“Believing you will receive”, your thoughts are so powerful that belief is a given. The wonderful thing about the human mind is that it can be reprogrammed. Have the courage to take control of your own thoughts. You will mirror this to others. And it will lift them as well.

Do not be afraid of your own strength and power. You are, after all, God. Of God, in God, any way you want to look at it you are of his essence. You are like the water drop in the ocean that is God. You are not the land that seems separate from the ocean. This is true of all of us and this is where true forgiveness lies. In this knowledge that allows you to forgive the one who mistook himself for anything other than the ocean, or God.
I know that my teachings are different. I apologize this went so long. Yet I follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit within me to bring you the best of what I understand this day. None of us know when our opportunity to witness in the flesh will end. And it is with this in mind that I send you all the love and positive energy that I may be a conduit for.

I believe in God and in His Omnipotence (Power), Omniscience (Knowledge), and Omnipresence (Being in ALL). I witness of Him in YOU.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~
PS I do not know why the spacing on word press would not allow space between each card as I set it up, but I am okay with it. Hope you are. Be well.

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