Universal Reading 7 January through 13 January 2019

Universal Reading 7 January through 13 January 2019

5 Divine Guidance

“The search for meaning in life. Consider an alternative approach. Surround yourself with wise teachers or friends.”

This is the question card. The restatement of the situation. The number 5 suggests challenge and difficulties. Our experiences are metaphors for us to look at so that we may know ourselves. We are actually given clues daily, each of us about the Divinity to which we were born. Look at all that you experience as teachers and listen to the still small voice within you that will direct you to your true self.

6 The Lovers

“Make choices from your heart. Deeply emotional commitments. The power of love.”

This is the card that speaks to the individual. What can you and I do to help the Universal Whole? I believe that LOVE is the force that makes anything that is real. While we are immersed in the delusion, compassion and empathy may be where we need to start. Will you start by being compassionate and have empathy and understanding of your role in the plan of Christ’s Guilty Conscience?

King of Michael

“Principled, Rational, Ambitious, Respected”
“Wisdom and objectivity are important now! Stay in your integrity. A situation that calls for honest and open communication.”

This is the card that contains the message for the Whole Christ Consciousness. We are people of value and integrity. We are creations of a true and living God/Force that is benevolent, kind, good, and worthy in every way.

King of Gabrie

“Generous, Inspirational, Dramatic, Driven”
“Keep your eyes on the big picture; leave the details to others. Experience that leads to success. Genuine concern for others.”

This card is the guidance from those who have spent eons reaching for the answers, Lao Tse (writer of the Tao), Jesus, Confucius, etc. We have the heart of the Warrior of the Latter-days to reach for a better world by how we choose to look at ourselves. We have what it takes to be the Leaders we were called to be at this time. We can do this!

Till next time,

God Bless, Namaste~

About Yvonne Debra Simmons aka Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

Welcome: Please read at your own risk and be responsible for your own edification and enlightenment. Disclaimer: I no longer consider myself a traditional Christian. I do still follow the Jesus I have come to know and I follow the Holy Spirit, as I recognize Him. I believe that Jesus taught us that we are the Christ and the "I Am" he referred to encompassed all of us. Thus, I believe we have misunderstood many teachings of Jesus. I consider myself a seeker and a believer in humanity and that there is a purpose to being; and an answer as to why we have the suffering that we do. I believe that the Holy Spirit is the instructor we should seek and that means trusting your own heart and being responsible for the guidance we follow. That means learning to hear and heed the voice of warning, instruction, or confirmation. I continue to be a student and an observer. Watching for something that tells me my hypothesis is wrong, or that I need to tweak it in some way. Writing is my greatest instructor these days. When I begin a book I do not know where it will end up or how it will develop, but I do know that I will be a changed person when I finish, knowing myself better. That may just be the best we can hope for in life. I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven numerous times as I have uncovered secrets that I long to share. My body will age and fulfill the contract I made with Christ (meaning all of us) to bare witness of His divine curse of suffering, but my spirit and intellect will bare witness of His innocence and the beauty and expanse of The Father's Love for His Son. To me, this, for now, is the ultimate freedom. I wish no argument with anyone. May we each be true to our own conscience. God bless us every One, Namaste~
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