Universal Reading 14 January through 20 January 2019

Angel Tarot Cards by RV


Ten of Earth

“A very happy family life. Financial security. Finding magic in the little things of life.”

So many of us have abundance. Things seem settled, secure. Yet it is simple things that make up the moment and the quality of life. Embrace these things and point them out to others so they may feel the blessings as well.

Then forgive Christ for all else, and remind Him of who He truly is as God’s Son.


Four of Fire

“Contentment, peace, and abundance. A happy home life. The successful completion of a project.”

We are ready for the shift that has been prophesied because we have completed the roles that we were sent here to perform for Christ.

Four is stability. We are stable as individuals and we have weathered the storms. We have lived the lifetimes necessary to move through this transition. We have our feet firmly planted in the witness of truth.

This is an action card and suggests advancement in relationships and or career. I have a strong feeling that we are able to advance into the place where we are able to acknowledge who we are as Christ, and to recognize and appreciate that in one another.

This will allow humanity to move forward into the “Age of Benevolence”. (NDE’r)


Page of Air

“Challenging information. Delays or changes to plans. Truth delivered without tact.”

This is a card of youth or inexperience. As we recognize The Christ within ourselves and one another we will stumble in our communication. We will be able to be open about behaviors that have heretofore been painful and unapproachable.

This is one of the beautiful things about seeing The Christ. We may speak about what is really troubling us, because we are not telling someone they are not worthy or not equal. We are only saying that the behavior is very unsettling, and needs to be looked at if it makes someone uncomfortable.

We are all in this together and knowing The Christ keeps that in our sights at all times.

That does not mean that things will not come out a bit “overdone” at times. But this exuberance will be understood because of the newness of where we are at. It is a very good thing.

Air is thought also, reminding us that it is our thoughts that will bring about the change that we want to see, and the clarity of purpose on the planet.


4 The Emperor

“Organization and logic. Structure and discipline. Leadership.”

4 is stability, foundation. We are guided. We have angels assisting us and waiting to be called on. They will guide us into behavior patterns that will strengthen and build us if we will let them.

Logic, discipline, and order are required, even as we move into a better state in the world. Everything is in flux and the kind of shifts that will be taking place will not go from here to there overnight, though I suspect that in hindsight some of it will seem as if it did.
As we make the shift, personal leadership will become more evident. The kind of leadership that will come forward is not the kind that needs governing as much as it will need listening, planning, brain storming, and cooperating. The personal logic, discipline, and order that was suggested earlier.

Archangel Michael will be very engaged and willing to assist humanity in our transition period. He is not only a protector and provides strength and encouragement to meet our goals, he is able to help us with clarity in seeing the tasks that lay ahead and utilizing the part of the brain (left) that will see to the practical needs of society as a whole and individually.



We have resources that show us we have abundance and we are safe enough to be able to realize that it is the little things that hold the magic and delight in life.

Stability is available to humanity. We can feel good about the efforts that generations have made to establish the means to extend the witness of The Christ throughout the world and unite as a Whole Entity.

Changes will be made because we are willing and able to voice those things that happen in secret or that are not addressed in the open because of misinformation. The emerging awareness’s will not allow the shadows to be hidden any longer.

Leadership will be held and honored not by a few, but the masses will come to understand that leadership must take place in the individual level. Archangel Michael, which I suspect may be Adam, will be involved and is ready to assist us in stabilizing the prosperity and security of all humanity.

I was very moved by this reading. The things that I am seeing online bare witness to these shifts of awareness. We are no longer a people seeking to survive the elements, we are looking at personal behaviors in our lives and seeking equality and dignity for all, whatever our differences may be. Praise be!
May God bless us, till next time,

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