Universal Reading 31 December through 6 December 2019

Universal Reading 31 December through 6 December 2019

*Card reading develops intuition in my opinion. Spirit works through us and we are the voice of God in the world today. Being able to go within reveals an unlimited reservoir of knowledge that allows us to travel through this temporal world and be a light therein.
Like reading scriptures did for me for years, reading cards teaches me to look for symbols that help me step forward with greater assurance and trust in the moment.

Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards
by Colette Baron-Reid

Letting Go
The picture is a waterfall. As the water moves and drops it changes not only its own place and presence, but it changes its surroundings. All the while remaining true to what it is in essence. Whether it is mist or fog or steam or ice its core essence is unaltered.
What changes in life is circumstance, point of view, the terrain we may be on, while the essential part of us, our higher self, soul, true self, eternal energy moves continually. As human beings we have the ability to Let Go. Letting go of attachments to feelings that cause us distress and expectations of ourselves and others that are not in alignment with the flow of life at the moment.

The Cow
This is a card of action, both mental and physical. Ask for what you need with faith to do what it takes to get it, trusting you will be provided for in your highest good. “The cow says take my milk”…..interesting that it was a post of Colette’s that turned the tables on me going vegetarian and it had to do with a toddler speaking to her and saying “Mad Cow!”, out of the blue, when Colette had been observing her milk and wondering if the cow was willing to share it and treated well. –the only direct quote in this story is “Mad Cow!” from the child, I believe I got the story in one of her emails.
I suspect this card was developed after that incident. Here is a perfect example of looking things symbolically and not literally. The meaning behind The Cow is that you will be nurtured with the things that you need. It may require you to be aware of what you need, which involves an internal dialogue. It also requires action. Planting the seed for the crop, if you will. Putting in the application for the job. Sitting down to write that book your innards know you need to write.

It can take some work to discover your personal truth. It is within you. It requires asking hard questions and maybe letting go of someone else’s opinion or tradition. This touches on the core mission of humanity. To find themselves and be true to that which they are.
Time has been given to humanity for this purpose and when all have discovered it time will end and eternity will be. Truth is hidden in the world of illusions, fabrication, political, agenda, and fear. Letting your light shine requires letting go of the untruths we have taken on with love and forgiveness.
Trusting life to take us where we are meant to be by being true to who we are right now. Accept yourself and others right where they are at. This is the mindset that manifests real change.
I am not going to tell you to be truthful in every circumstance because I believe, in this world of illusion, an untruth or not-said-truth has its place and purpose. What I would suggest is being truthful with yourself inside yourself. You do not need to justify or prove who you are to you, you are divine and magnificent just as you are because you are, period. Find your truth by believing in you.
And then, seek all four corners of this universe and all time and dimensions for truths to enhance your understanding of yourself.

Fear came about with the concept of separation. It is an integral part of us. As we understand the impossibility of that fear dissolves. Do not beat yourself up if you are not fearless at the moment. It is a process, time is for this, and others who do not understand there is no separation are part of the equation as well.
Take on one fear at a time. Listen to your inner voice. Spirit and angels will assist you, if you give them a chance. Often we need to ask for that assistance and it is generously given.
Change of any kind can bring on a fear of the unknown. Change rocks not only your world but everyone else, especially in your close relations.
The picture on the Fear card appears to be a stream that could be waterfall that is rocky and has run a bit dry. While the water that is there is at the lowest point. I think this is important to recall. Even at our lowest moments, our essence is present and available. Seeing that truth can take some faith because so many things seem to be saying otherwise.
Remember Wholeness Reigns Supreme. All is Well! The journey of the illusion necessitates fear because that was its creator. There is no need to be afraid of it. You are of God. Your purpose is secured because He IS. Let that truth live within you and follow your intuition and those guides you enlisted to help you bring The Son into the Light of His Father’s Love.

Letting go is often the push needed for moving forward. It is always a psychological circumstance at first. Once you have let go of what is not healing and healthy psychologically you will see what may need to be let go of in the material world.

Sustenance is your heritage. Your needs will be met; emphasis on needs. Know this is a truth. Thought and action and maybe requesting are required for its manifestation. Once you let it come your cup will be over-flowing. Do not forget that spiritual understandings, which can come threw significant trials, can be some of the greatest needs we have and these actually will travel with us into the beyond (after-life).

Truth is worth the effort to discover. Your truth may evolve like a piece of coal that becomes the diamond. Be as honest with yourself as you can and do not expect the diamond today, necessarily, just know that it is there.

Fear is what the illusion is made up of. Divinity, of which you are, knows how to proceed in the face of fear. Listen to your own guidance and trust you instincts about your journey. Do not let others take it from you because of their fear or yours. Do not get emotionally involved with the fear that appears to be real or necessary in the illusion. What God has joined no “illusion” can separate.

You are here because you want to be a part of the Awakening of The Son of Man. No matter what your role appears to be. Humanity has this distinct opportunity. Meaning that while all things are divine in the Whole, humanity has the ability to manifest unconditional love and know that this is what it is. We do this by recognizing our Oneness with The Whole, which is God.

May you have a marvelous adventure of self discovery in 2019.
Till next time.
God Bless and Namaste~

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