Universal Reading 24 December through 31 December 2018

Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson

“Breathe. Everything is happening exactly as it should be.”
*How difficult is that to accept or believe! We see what we call wickedness and hold our shame and guilt to our chests and say no way. Punishment is what we deserve. Consciously or sub-consciously it is there. If this truly is a dream though, and everything will be “righted” one day does it not make sense that everything is happening exactly as it should be? Remember there truly is no such thing as time and what we think has occurred will be folded up and only what is sweet will remain. Why not accept that now and be part of the energy that folds up that time and lessens the suffering we feel we must endure

“Be gentle with yourself. You are a magnificent soul.”
*You are so much greater than the body that you believe you are. As a drop of water to the ocean or a ray of sunshine to the sun you are greater than all of these together. You are the whole of creation and you will awaken to that understanding in time. Jesus said that his greatest desire was that we would be one with God even as he was. At least that is the way it was recorded. I believe he was saying that he wanted us to understand that this is what we are, one with God, even as Jesus, himself, understood this.

“Have faith. Every event we experience and every person we meet has been put in our path for a reason.”
*ARGH! Sometimes I do not want them there! Or sometimes it just seems to be a big problem. There is a reason and it is always for our good, even though we may not see it in the moment. Have faith. 🙂

“See the past through the law of grace. All that occurs is designed to support our spiritual evolution.”

*All that occurs is to help The Son recognize the Love that is between Him and His Father and to remember that nothing can interfere with that.

May everyday be a celebration!


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