“I watched this 2017 movie twice and feel very reflective.

The dedication that this man/couple/family had to a cause is incredible.

The dedication they had as a family is really something to ponder.

My understanding is that they had a burning desire to see that the native people were not destroyed by the understanding of the finding of a huge civilization before the “known world”, especially when it was one of a different complexion than “proper” society of the day was.

Man’s forms of segregation are so diverse and bizarre unless of course, it is the one you are entrenched in. We live without thinking of what it is we are living because the needs of the moment sadly take over all our energies and attention.

Even in meditation, the goal is not to think and I believe this is a sad thing. I would rather see meditation and prayer used to identify the observer and higher self in each of us that allows us to step out of the moment or circumstances and look at the big picture.

That is not to say that I discount the wonderful work of those who teach to be in the moment and aware of our surroundings and those around us. The higher self may be compared to the Holy Spirit or spiritual guidance that humanity has available to them.

I do believe that this family understood and took hold of each of these concepts very well. They could both see the big picture and respect the moment and people that they were with when they were privileged to be with them.

Perhaps this is a reflection of the teachings of Eckhart Toolle’s as understood by those who prepared the movie, script, and book written in 2009 which is on my to-do list. I myself am only now reading a couple of his books, The Power of Now and A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

It will take further research for me to get insight on that question, however, Toole’s work is so well known it is not hard to envision its influence.

In any case, it is a brilliant work in my opinion.

My fantasy of what happened to the father and son is that they chose to stay with the people to give them understanding and skills to maintain their lifestyle without being wiped out. Perhaps the son found a sweetheart and a family began which the father could not abandon and which would only assist with their cause. That being to find the lost civilization and give human history further light.

As a long time student of The Book of Mormon, it is delightful to see physical evidence uncovered for the populations who dwelt on this land long before the Europeans came on board. Populations that were very industrious in commerce and trade and all things considered civilized, including war. (My thoughts are in no way reflective of the teachings of the Church and I find I no longer feel comfortable in any congregation of any sort.)

It was the way that the movie portrayed the dedication of the family to what they believed was true and that it would serve the good of humanity as a whole, therefore it was worth whatever temporary challenges would be placed upon them that touched me.

I find myself in a similar state at this time. My beliefs, specifically the belief that there are answers that we have not quite found yet because of the state of our focus as societies and individuals leaves me on the outside of literally all that I interact with save nature herself.

Some may suspect I am simply lazy in wanting to devote my time and energy to such things. Some may think it is a futile pursuit because no one will listen anyway. And some may suspect I am simply insane.

This may not be unlike the thoughts about a man who would leave his family to face the dangers and harshness of the Amazon in Percy Fawcett’s day.

Like him, my walk has to be mine and I must live in the integrity of what I believe. I believe that God Is and if He is then the trauma we endure is not real and I will spend my life lifting up the Christ to His Father’s Love in prayer and action. Whether anyone understands me or not it will impact the consciousness of the Whole and begin the beginning of the end of this “false” world.

There is not a day goes by but that several things bear witness to me that I have found something out about the world that will bring about its demise and allow us to create a new environment for ourselves and those who come after.

I seek to show by how I live my life that I do not value suffering in any form. I do not believe that humanity was meant to suffer. I believe we will awaken to this truth and there will be none without abundance in all its forms.

And our days will be spent in remembrance of Christ and rejoicing in the blessings of His Father whose Child we are, as a Whole.

Till next time,

Be well, God bless, Namaste~




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