The power of the teachings that I have been receiving lately are incredible! Prayers are appreciated! 🙂
PS I do not know how to remove the lines from under this writing. Interesting that as I type now there is no line! lol, what ya gonna do?! Just keep on going because the witness must be born.
Please forgive the casualness of my writing and read with a prayer to the Holy Ghost for the ability to understand. I started this writing from a longing in my heart to reach out to a daughter here on earth. She has closed off communication with me and with herself. She is afraid to open that door that holds the pain and fear she carries but I want her to know that the fear of the harm she is afraid to find that has been given to her is really only an attack she has placed on herself and is nothing more than a bad dream. I want her to know that she is loved and that all the sad things she believes may have occurred to her or by her have never happened. She is loved. She is safe. She will be forever my beautiful little angel. She will be forever, a Child of God.

Abandonment, I have had a lot of opportunity to look at this in my life time and I firmly believe that the only one who can abandon you is you. Whether in a group of people or all alone we are all united and God is the creator of this unity. We are the ones who turn our backs spiritually and otherwise. I am not speaking about abandoning a child on a doorstep, that is in the physical sense and can happen to any of us and it is crushing. Christ taught us what affects the physical may be overcome. More damaging is what we do to ourselves when we believe in the possibility of abandonment on a spiritual level. It is simply not possible.

Remember, you are not your emotions, so even if you feel emotionally abandoned it is possible to observe this and know in your true self that it is an impossibility. This allows us to recognize the temptation of the ego, or the adversary, and not take part in his self-destructive work.

Christ taught that to hold on to or desire a life here we lose the true one in the hereafter. I personally believe He would add or meant, until we are willing to let go of the life we cling to here emotionally or psychologically we will not be able to be cognoscente of our true existence in the presence of God now. I believe that the temptation to believe in abandonment is a big component in that. God has not left us as our heart declares or fears. We have left God, but only psychologically for He is the source of the power of all that we do as our creator. So it is with our other relationships as well, mother/daughter, sister/sister, and especially on the level of lovers. Love is never misplaced or lost or untrue. It just gets hidden as the ego declares its sovereignty, hiding in its shadows its true intent of self-annihilation. Come in to the light and do not let anything you think or feel in this sphere take away your witness of it. This will give you strength, hope, and peace. Is there a time to walk away when others choose to be locked in the ego? I believe yes, but it does not deny or defy basic truths, nor does it make the one who walks away horrible any more than the one who gets trapped in the ego is to be damned. It simply means we have more yet to learn. We are children of God and will not be forsaken, nor can we forsake or abandon others. It is only a part of the illusion or mist of darkness the tempter/ego wants us to believe. We must forgive self, forgive others, and walk in the light of truth and love.

My walk on earth as a mother who loves her children and knows they are children of God first has done much to give me a witness of God’s faithfulness because I know that I would not abandon my children, no matter what. I also know that my own mother would not do that no matter what the circumstances are that may make it appear to be otherwise. My seeking to walk in the light of my own conscience and follow Christ as the Holy Spirit directs me is the straightest course I have to honoring God, my role as a mother, and to live as a Child of God.

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