The Epiphany: I realized the reason that a woman doing her best to look as good as she can, in whatever culture she is in, and being aware of what she was saying to the world of the ego that mankind currently dwells in, is to state that this is not life and that there is something greater that we were born to or created for.

Maybe this is not a revelation to you, but it certainly was to me. Why that is so should become a bit clearer as I continue the series of discussions.

We are bombarded with how we look almost from the time we are born. We are trained to be attentive to how we look, no matter what society or culture we live in. The question is “what is God’s opinion on this and why”. I believe that when she looks her best and is in her best demeanor and attitude she is proclaiming the message that Jesus Christ himself has been trying to deliver to us. That there is something beyond this world that is more valuable than what is here and needs to be sought after and prepared for with all our being.

I am certain that these things apply to men as well. For the purpose of this series I wish to speak from the place of a woman, primarily because I will be speaking from such a personal place.

I could leave it with just the statement of the epiphany, but to better integrate the message into my being I wish to reflect on what makeup has meant to me over the years. This will take me on a very personal journey so be warned. 😉 As I began the writing, I realized that makeup has had a powerful influence and impact on my life, and that I could not say what I feel needs to be said in just a few words. I do not know how many parts this will take but I want to allow it to fully be developed. Prayers are certainly appreciated.

Till next time, in Jesus name, God bless…



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