Ego Skips the Present and Gives Us a Brutal Future Torturing Self and/or Others

I believe that guilt and our perceived sin are what keep us locked in the circle of destruction like a hamster on his wheel, we just cannot get off by ourselves. Punishment is not where God lives and as disciples of Jesus Christ that is what we are preparing for right? To live in His presence. Then we must get off of the wheel of guilt and punishment and understand who we truly are.

The commandments of men require punishment if not adhered to. The commandments of God lead us to understand who we truly are in our creation and as a part of God, thus leading us to life and peace and love, not to punishment and death. God did not create death, man created that through believing it was possible to do something contrary to the will of God.

I believe that we are truly one organism of life, eternal life and that as creation expands that it is possible to consider oneself separate from God because it must be chosen. This is the law of love, it cannot be forced on anyone it must be accepted to be received. We are in that state where we may accept it. I also believe that even if it takes millions of years to let go of the pain that comes from the separation from God that we will all come to that place eventually.

Why can I say this? How can I say this when we have been taught of hell and purgatory? Because I choose to believe in God and to have no other gods before me. Why would I choose to believe that there is someone who has equal power to truly do evil? If God is God and there is no other, then there must truly be no other and this place of pain, sorrow, and heart ache that we dwell in is a matter of man’s making by the power of his own mind and not by the power of God and if God is all powerful then what is painful and sorrowful must not be real. These are things that I have come to understand over 50 years of living and seeking for answers. These are things that I have learned line upon line and precept upon precept.

The fact that I have found a book, A Course In Miracles, that lays out what I have learned and expounds it for me is miraculous to me. The mind of man and the way the book is written makes it easy to grasp one or two lines or thoughts and think that one has grasped the whole truth. Even as lengthy as it is with over 600 pages in the text alone, it still states that it does not contain all that there is to know. One must use ones life experiences and study of truth to hear the messages and without an ear to the Holy Ghost and inviting Him to teach us we may still be easily led astray. It is a continuing journey.

This is the description and link for my Blog Talk Radio Show today along with the link, I thought it fit here. Namaste.

Guilt, Time, and Life Part 3 (conclusion) ACIM T13:1-2 7 August 2014

If this world is false that I perceive by my ego and God is what is real, then it is God’s Light that I choose to give up my “false life” to be. In Christianity we are told there is a Light of Christ within each of us. My desire is to have that grow so that it may consume the false perceptions I have of myself and others.

When things go contrary to what I would have them be. In other words, when I make choices that I am not happy with and would be tempted to feel guilty and beat myself up verbally or otherwise, it is important to remember that I am learning to let go of the ego and not judge myself when I think I have failed, but to move forward from where I am and be His Light. If I feel guilty, I claim the past, and make me the god of my future obliterating the joy of the moment, as well as recognition of His love of and awareness of me, which is where peace lies.

We are a work in progress and we have the ability to succeed!

I am grateful for the journey for it allows each of us to accept our being and be a light that others may see and be led to a remembrance of the light that burns within their eternal self as well. The closer we come to this the closer we come to God and to real freedom. This is my witness as I understand things today. In Jesus name, amen.

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