God’s way is not logical
All things work together for His glory and we do not need to understand it
I will not compete with you or anyone else
I do not have to
I looked at your behavior in the past and saw an enemy
Today I see a very wounded person
Who chose a path in their innocence that closed many doors
I wish you only peace and pray you allow love in some day
Forgive yourself, you did not know, you only sought to survive
Forgetting God would never let you do otherwise.

 I suspect that people will read too much into this or too little. It really fits all of us to some degree. Perhaps I wrote it just for me or just TO me….
I wrote this on Facebook and on Twitter today. It is the best that I can come up with for where I am today with the world and with myself and with my studies and life in general.
Forty nine days ago my eldest daughter passed away. It seems like a dream still and truly in my heart of hearts I believe that it is nothing more than that. I know that angels have been around me and held me up. I know that emotionally, mentally, and even physically I was prepared by Heavenly Father to be able to endure this devastating experience. It really causes you to fortify your faith and to see this world as the shadowy shell that it is.
I continue my studies and my faith is strong in a living Messiah and a loving Heavenly Father. No one will convince me that I love my children more than He loves us and I know what that means to me.
I read that freedom is the ability to acknowledge our total dependence on Heavenly Father and I surely will testify to that.
As you read the verse above I hope you were able to feel the love, compassion, and forgiveness with which it was sent and receive it as your own.
In Jesus Name

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